Week in Review: Another N. Korean Missile, Iran in Yemen, EU the Mideast’s New Peace Broker? and Much More

  • North Korea tested another missile—this one potentially able to reach Chicago or even Boston with a nuclear weapon.
  • A new report shows how Iran is evading international efforts to keep it out of Yemen, supplying forces opposed to the government and extending its reach on the Saudi Peninsula.
  • Concerned that violence in Jerusalem could explode into a more serious problem, the European Union is positioning itself to assume a more robust mediating role in the Middle East peace process.
  • Two people close to the pope accused American Catholics who support President Donald Trump as being “not too far apart” from Islamic jihadists.
  • We’ll also talk about a deadly terrorist attack by a Muslim migrant in Germany, the EU moving into Northern Africa in response to the migrant crisis, and the New York Times running a series of articles trying to show that communism isn’t all that bad.