Week in Review: Temple Mount Crisis in Jerusalem, Germany’s Takeover of Europe’s Militaries, the Real Russia Scandal, and More

  • Israel is still raging after the crisis at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which could explode into something far more serious—with region-wide and even global consequences.
  • Germany is making steady and alarming progress in its quiet takeover of the militaries of other European nations.
  • And there is a real Russian scandal, involving United States energy that the mainstream media is not telling you about.
  • Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is tightening his grip on Russia’s media and bringing it back to Soviet-era levels of state control.
  • We also discuss Europe’s migrant crisis reentering the headlines, new figures shedding light on a Middle Eastern arms race, China’s drive to become a tech leader, and how America’s health care could bankrupt the nation.