Do We Attack Other Religions?


A few of our critics have accused us of attacking other religions. But that is not true. Allow me to be a little more spiritual than usual and explain why.

We publish a thoroughly researched newsmagazine. Our writers are well educated and believe the Bible. They write biblically based news articles that occasionally will offend some religions. However, we don’t want to offend people any more than is absolutely necessary. We attack issues or false beliefs, but not people. As it has been said, we attack sin, not the sinner.

We believe God is going to save Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants and Jewsall religious people. But God is going to do it His way and according to His time frame.

We proclaim a warning message in this magazine. God always warns the world before a great catastrophe. And we are facing the worst time of suffering ever on this Earth because of our wrong way of life. The need for changing human nature should be obvious to everybody. But it isn’t—yet. We must suffer until that lesson is learned. Much of our wrong way of living is religiously motivated. God gives mankind a choice. People can heed God’s message now and be protected from the coming holocaust. Or, if they—collectively or individually—reject that warning, then they will suffer as never before.

God uses that suffering to bring men to repentance—even if they die and must repent after they are resurrected from the dead.

God has an inspiring plan to save most of humanity—even if people rebel now. Of course, that means they are going to suffer a great deal more. God is also going to save nonbelievers when they repent, and most of them will. The Bible teaches that there will always be a certain percentage of people who will reject God’s way of life.

Speaking about His Second Coming, Christ refers to only a “little flock” that obeys Him before He returns. But surely we don’t think a loving God will be content to convert only a “little flock”! Christ died for the whole world—not a little flock.

Christ converted only 120 people when He came the first time. That was His little flock. He actually spoke in parables to keep the masses from understanding! (Matthew 13).

Will the rest of humanity, not called at Christ’s first coming, be lost forever? Obviously, Christ knew that was not the best time to call most of those people. But how could a God of love ever say they are lost when He hasn’t even called them or opened their minds spiritually?

Generally, people in the Old Testament didn’t even receive God’s Holy Spirit! Are they lost? Of course not. God has a time frame—a master plan to save humanity. People will come to know God for the first time when they are resurrected and given God’s Holy Spirit (Ezekiel 37). No persons or religions are consigned to gehenna fire unless they have already known God and rejected Him.

God is love. He is filled with mercy. He is also a God of judgment. But only that little flock is being judged today (1 Peter 4:17). The whole world is deceived (Revelation 12:9). That means the people of this world don’t yet know God. They will be judged after Christ returns.

Our message may offend some people today. But soon the world will see that it was God’s message of love. It was a part of His plan to save mankind.

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