Nothing Better Than the Real Thing


Sidebar: Nothing Better Than The Real Thing

Are reality shows simply a candid reflection of the way things actually are? Multiple networks have been directly implicated, accused and even summonsed for skewing certain scenes to create a contrived, out-of-context, more interesting scene in which the characters appear to be racier, more foul-mouthed, more villainous and even sexually active.

  • In an interview with cable channel Bravo, Blind Date executive producer Jay Renfroe admitted, “We have to assist reality. Reality’s boring.”
  • Survivor producer Mark Burnett used body doubles for what he called “beauty shots.”
  • Pop star Jessica Simpson, upon seeing the final version of her MTV series said that it had gone from something she would have felt comfortable showing her children to pg-13 material.
  • Producers commonly show footage out of sequence and with music designed to slant the tone anywhere from tense to romantic.
  • Other shows have actually scripted and re-shot certain sequences months later.
  • Source: Weekend Magazine