A Nation of Cowards?


“In January 1996, Assistant Secretary of Defense Chas. W. Freeman Jr. warned senior Chinese officials that the United States would respond militarily to a Chinese attack on Taiwan. According to Freeman, the Chinese responded, ‘No you won’t. We’ve watched you in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia, and you don’t have the will’” (John A. Gentry, “Military Force in an Age of National Cowardice,” The Washington Quarterly, Autumn 1998).

America is called the world’s only superpower. Many nations have looked to the U.S. for protection. But that trust is rapidly fading.

Nations like China know that Americans are too fearful to fight. We no longer believe that “the mission comes first.” We do all we possibly can to avoid any human casualties. We do this to the point where we have become a nation of cowards.

Adolf Hitler preyed on that kind of weakness before World War II. In fact, Winston Churchill believed that weakness CAUSED World War II!

So few nations opposed Hitler that he thought he could conquer the world. He almost did!

Weakness only encourages strong, dictatorial leaders. (Please read the article in this issue on Winston Churchill.) How can we correct this deadly disease of a broken WILL?

“It seems unlikely that we will alter our basic course during the Clinton administration—or before a major military defeat” (ibid.). Mr. Gentry is saying it will probably take a major military defeat to correct the deep-seated problem of our fear. But in this nuclear age, a major military defeat would probably mean our nation’s destruction!

There is a marvelous solution to this problem, if only we would listen to God’s warning. God even prophesied about our broken will. What’s more, He had a strong hand in producing this broken will. It is actually connected to God!

The book of Daniel is an end-time book of the Bible (Dan. 12:4, 9). Daniel said that the books of Moses also contain prophecy for this end time (Dan. 9:13).

Let’s look at one of those prophecies: “And I will break the pride of your power” (Lev. 26:19). This chapter is called the blessing and cursing chapter. We should be living in the midst of God’s abundant blessings. Instead, we are being cursed by the living God! Our broken will is one of those curses!

What a curse to have a broken will in a world full of dangerous, dictatorial leaders. We simply cannot survive unless the problem is corrected.

God knew that we would have great power—that we would be the world’s only superpower—but lack the WILL to use that power.

Read, in the preceding verses of that chapter, about our sins. Then you will see WHY God has broken the pride of our power, or our national will. The U.S. is a major part of end-time Israel (write for our free booklet The United States and Britain in Prophecy.)

We gained our freedom through much bloodshed and courage. And our freedom cannot be sustained by cowards. We can easily deceive ourselves. But our enemies know the truth and will one day soon put us to the test!

The further we get from God, the more cowardly we become. The closer we are to God, the more we manifest courage.

God wants us to avoid a major catastrophe. We can do so only by heeding His warning message.

God has broken our national will. Only God can heal it. That is the sobering truth.

God sees our broken will. The world sees it. But do WE see it? And if we do, are we willing to let God show us how to correct it? May God help us to choose the way of blessings and not the path of curses. Our future is in our own hands!