The Next Frontier in the Sexual Revolution?

It won’t stop with same-sex ‘marriage.’

American morality is transforming. Where will it be five years from now? It progressed from the traditional Judeo-Christian family to the non-religious family to the dysfunctional family to the divorced and remarried family to the fornicator to the adulterer to the homosexual/bisexual/pansexual/transsexual/transgender.

Is that where it ends? Or is there more transformation to come?

One of the few remaining “outcast” deviant sexual groups consists of adults who are sexually attracted to children. Pedophiles who gratify their desires and generate or possess child pornography are criminals, and the overwhelming majority of people in society regard them as perhaps the worst kind of perverts.

It would be impossible for pedophiles to win the same acceptance as homosexuals, wouldn’t it?

Actually, in the wake of the homosexual/transgender tidal wave, that movement has already begun. Pedophile groups like the North American Man/Boy Love Association already exist. Some mainstream voices are arguing that this sexual practice should no longer be condemned. Some are advocating for the rights of adults who seek to have sex with children.

Don’t believe it? Open your eyes.

‘Born That Way’

Today’s homosexual special interest juggernaut started as a small movement. Not long ago, homosexuals were in the place now occupied by pedophiles. In 2015, this aggressive special interest group got homosexual “marriage” sanctioned by the Supreme Court, got social media giants celebrating with rainbow hearts and rainbow profile photos, and got the sitting president to pose on the cover of a homosexual magazine.

Is it possible that in five or 10 years, pedophiles will be where homosexuals are now? The wheels are already moving in that direction.

A major argument of the homosexual lobby is that same-sex attraction is genetically determined—that people are born homosexual. They argue that if you say homosexuality is wrong, you are hateful—a bigot who might as well be condemning someone for being born with a different skin color.

Thus, homosexual activists decry any effort to change someone’s sexual orientation as morally reprehensible (reprehensible, that is, if it is a change toward heterosexuality—they never denounce persuading a heterosexual to become homosexual). After all, how can you try to change someone from his genetic destiny? They believe the morally right thing is a full, unrestricted expression of this supposed inborn tendency.

Well, if genetics do determine morality, that notion has some serious implications.

Now, there is another small movement that is growing stronger—a movement that wants to extend this same kind of morality-is-genetic argument to pedophiles.

Michael L. Brown, author of the book A Queer Thing Happened to America, wrote this in the Christian Post: “[S]ome psychiatric leaders who were instrumental in removing homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental disorders in 1973 have been fighting to remove pedophilia as a disorder as well, not to justify the abuse of children but rather to say that being sexually attracted to children is not a mental disorder” (Sept. 28, 2015).

“Many Researchers Taking a Different View of Pedophilia,” the Los Angeles Times reported on Jan. 14, 2013. “Pedophilia once was thought to stem from psychological influences early in life. Now, many experts view it as a deep-rooted predisposition that does not change.”

“Scientists at the [Center for Mental Health and Addiction in Toronto] have uncovered a series of associations that suggest pedophilia has biological roots,” the Times reported, adding that more and more people are taking the view that pedophilia is “a sexual orientation as immutable as heterosexuality or homosexuality.” It quotes a man who was arrested for child pornography saying that a court ordered him to go to therapy. “These people felt they could snuff out the desire, or shame me into denying it existed,” he said. “But it’s as intrinsic as the next person’s heterosexuality.”

To anyone who has watched the way homosexuality became mainstream, this line of reasoning should sound very familiar (sidebar).

‘I Am Not a Monster’

With pedophilia, however, there is a twist to the argument. It isn’t simply, We’re born this way, so don’t judge us. They also add this: And don’t worry—we’re not a threat to your children.

This is the argument that Todd Nickerson made in a September 21 article headlined “I’m a Pedophile, But Not a Monster”: “I’ve been stuck with the most unfortunate of sexual orientations, a preference for a group of people who are legally, morally and psychologically unable to reciprocate my feelings and desires. … Yet, I’m not the monster you think me to be. I’ve never touched a child sexually in my life and never will, nor do I use child pornography.”

In a related example, the British paper the Independent recently published an article by prominent psychologist Dr. Glenn Wilson. The title: “Not All Pedophiles Are Bad People—We Need to Have a Sense of Proportion.” The article reads: “In my studies of the Pedophile Information Exchange in the 1980s, many members admitted sexual feelings for children which they had been able to contain or turn to social good” (emphasis added throughout). In this man’s view, these sexual feelings can actually benefit society. “Some gravitated toward occupations such as schoolteacher or social worker, where they could enjoy the company of children without plotting abuse,” he explained. “It is possible to be attracted to children as a sexual orientation without acting upon those desires.”

This psychologist told the Telegraph that “pedophilia should be viewed as a type of ‘sexual orientation’ which is not necessarily acted upon.”

Ask yourself: Does the idea that some pedophiles won’t necessarily act on their desire to have sex with children comfort you? Would you support a pedophile who wants to be your child’s teacher or social worker so he can “enjoy the company of children”? Does it reassure you that “it is possible” to be attracted to children without acting on that?

The article was aimed at helping you sympathize with a celibate man who is attracted to children. But even he says that anyone who acts on those feelings is a “monster.” The psychologist in Britain says everything is OK because pedophiles probably won’t prey on children.

But think about this: If genetics determine morality, then why would it be wrong for a pedophile to gratify his desires?

How does it make sense to label a “born that way” pedophile who fulfills his desires a “monster”—but then to say that a “born that way” homosexual should fulfill his desires and even marry, because he was “born that way”?

Is it possible that by 2020, Todd Nickerson will look bigoted for saying that pedophiles who have sex with children are monsters?

The belief that genetics determines morality has grown common, thanks to efforts to legitimize homosexuality. “God doesn’t make mistakes,” people say. But as columnist Selwyn Duke wrote, we obviously don’t apply the same logic to many birth defects. “[C]left lip, Spina bifida, Down syndrome, club foot, Tay-Sachs disease, and other abnormalities make clear that God’s perfection isn’t enjoyed by man. And is it logical to consider the brain the one organ immune from this imperfection? Note also that the same psychologists telling us homosexuality is innate also say that psychopaths are born and not made. Now, if some people were born with homicidal instincts, would it be all right for them to commit murder?” (New American, Sept. 28, 2015). Of course not—but that is the logical conclusion of such reasoning.

If it is wrong to condone pedophilia despite someone supposedly being “born with” a predisposition for it, then it is also wrong to justify homosexuality for that reason. You can’t have it both ways. Either genetics determines morality or it doesn’t.

And the truth is—it most certainly does not.

Where Does It Stop?

This new wave of activists is trying to get us to sympathize with those who have romantic feelings for children but do not act on them. Do you really think that is all they are trying to do? Just to feel compassion for celibate pedophiles? If you think that is where this trend is going to stop, wake up. You know absolutely nothing about this group of people.

Consider the views being expressed in these articles in conjunction with other recent events. Think about the fact that American soldiers in Afghanistan have been ordered to ignore their Afghan “allies” who sexually abuse young boys, even on American military bases—supposedly in the name of “cultural sensitivity.” Add to that authorities in Britain ignoring Muslim child sex-trafficking for similar “politically correct” reasons. Add to that the “pedophilia epidemic” in Hollywood, exposed this past summer in the film An Open Secret. These are people with enormous social influence in America and worldwide.

Watch the trajectory of what is happening here. The homosexual movement has completely changed modern culture in less than a decade. People now accept and support practices they were utterly opposed to just a few years ago. Now, this deviant sexual movement is tracking in the same direction. To see where pedophiles might be in five years, just look at where triumphant homosexuals are today.