Russia and China: The Chaos Strategy

Are Russia and China really interested in a multipolar world?

Russia and China are coordinating a strategy to conquer the world. On May 20, the National Interest published an article titled, “China’s Grand Strategy Disaster.” It offers compelling insight into its aggressive plan.

“While Beijing’s power is growing, so are its problems. So why is it picking fights with so many of its neighbors?” Brad Glosserman asks. That’s a good question. As Glosserman reasons, pressing domestic concerns should be drawing the full attention of China’s leadership, but it is not. Rather, China is ramping up aggression on multiple fronts, including getting behind Russia’s push to upset the international order. China’s behavior baffles Glosserman and many others.

“Bejing seems intent on irritating or picking fights with most of its neighbors,” Gloserman continues, “while aligning itself with governments determined to upset the international legal order that China’s leadership says it supports” (emphasis added throughout).

That’s exactly right. China is intent on picking fights—it is purposely sowing chaos.

As Glosserman correctly observes, China’s rhetoric remains the same but its policy is quite different. Something has changed, and that change is relatively recent. The question is why. What is going on here? Why is China purposely sowing chaos?

Is there a connection between Russia’s very aggressive behavior and the equally aggressive posturing of China? The timing is more than coincidence.
Notice a potentially connected and intriguing comment by Geoffrey R. Pyatt, United States Ambassador to Ukraine. Pyatt took part in Ukraine: Thinking Together, a conference held in Kiev this past May 15 to 19. He was interviewed by Julia Ioffe for the New Republic. The interview appeared online May 20.

Ioffe asks Pyatt about Russia’s clandestine involvement in the Ukraine: “[T]o what extent are these Russian plants and Russian special agents? I was surprised to see huge lines at the referendum on May 11. Is that because there were very few polling stations open, or what?”

Here is Pyatt’s fascinating answer:

There are also a lot of people who are upset; because of the information war there is incredible fear. People in the East have been told that Kiev has been taken over by fascists, that they’re coming to steal your property and rape your daughters, and you have to mobilize to protect yourself. The thing that’s important to remember—and my EU counterpart is the one who reminds me of this all the time—is that until February 22, there was no discussion in Ukraine about the Russian language or federalization. These were not topics of national debate. This was part of this Russian strategy, which was intended to create chaos.

The New Republic titled the interview “Ambassador to Ukraine: The Russian Strategy Was Intended to Create Chaos.” Is there a connection between Russia’s very aggressive behavior and the equally aggressive posturing of China? The timing is more than coincidence. Russia and China are purposely trying to create chaos, and it is a fairly recent and noticeable trend! Are we witnessing a coordinated strategy? This may be hard to prove, tenuous at best, a shot in the dark, but as we shall see, it should not be dismissed out of hand.

Notice this commentary by P. H. Liotta that first appeared as an article in the Summer 2002 issue of Parameters and was republished online at the Strategic Studies Institute. The title of the article is “Chaos as a Strategy.” Liotta explains:

The chaos strategist thus targets the American national security decision-making process and, potentially, the American people, rather than American military force, in order to prevail. Such a strategist seeks to induce decision paralysis. In a strategy of chaos, the key objective will be to convince American political leaders that no clear solution, end-state or political objective (other than the cessation of chaos) exists in the strategist’s sphere of dominance.

Line up Russia and China’s aggressive and chaotic behavior with America’s flaccid response and it can be proven America is stuck in childish decision paralysis. American leadership is being overwhelemed just as Liotta described. And U.S. government decision paralysis telegraphs weakness.And weakness attracts attack. A cacophony of global chaos is set to explode in everyone’s face.

Analysts like Glosserman speak of China’s desire for a multipolarity world, or China’s desire to counterbalance American power, or Russia’s desire to do the same. This is a common understanding among many—and a common mistake. Bible prophecy explains we are at the precipice of an empire apocalypse—a final but quick ascendance of three great world powers, ruled by tyrants, that are vying for total world dominance!

Don’t be deceived: Russia and China are not the least bit interested in a multipolar world. They are not interested in regional hegemony—they are moving quickly to dominate the world. That is what their actions tell us. They are partnering together to achieve a globe-encircling empire because they can see a more powerful Europe is just one strong leader away! They also see a weak America. They are moving to seize the last hour in mankind’s collapsing civilization to come out on top, to win the war of what Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has termed the chaotic present.

The race is on to reorder the world. This is why China and Russia are breaking fences instead of mending them.

This is exactly what the Bible forecast! As this world rapidly descends into chaos, the winner will be the one who controls its course. Russia and China, through their coordinated strategy of chaos, seek to overwhelm and conquer America first. Although Bible prophecy says Russia and China will rise, Germany will rise faster. It will reach the very pinnacle of world empire, before the climax of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming puts down all nations, establishing peace and harmony over all the Earth.

In the meantime, fasten your seat belts.