Land of the Free and Home of the Hated

Anti-U.S. invective fills the pages of newspapers all over the world—including the U.S. itself. What is the source of this startling rise in the hatred of America, and why is it happening now?

“A century ago, anti-Semitism was called ‘the socialism of fools.’ Now something similar threatens to become rampant: anti-Americanism. … Like historical anti-Semitism, it transcends ideological boundaries and brings together economic, social, religious and national animosities in a murderous brew” (Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 28, 2001). It is a peculiar thing, this murderous brew. Whereas the Jew has been the target of such hatred for centuries, it is the Anglo-American who has increasingly born the brunt of an illogical, international hatred in recent times.

Special Relationship

Much has been made of the “special relationship” that the U.S. and British peoples have enjoyed: in particular during Winston Churchill’s prime, during the Reagan/Thatcher years, and, latterly, as demonstrated in the Anglo-American-led alliance against terror.

Of course, it was only 220 years ago that the Americans overturned British rule in their North American colonies and sent them packing in the war of revolution. Peace was concluded between the two nations in 1782. Yet out of this conflict was forged a bond of mutuality that was to affect the ongoing history of both nations to this day. As British historian Paul Johnson put it, “Once America was recognized as independent by the British, the two nations had far more to agree about than to dispute …” (A History of the American People).

Though brotherly spats were to occasionally follow between the U.S. and Britain, it was from the point of American independence that Britain commenced its rapid rise to become the greatest imperial power ever. The United States, after the Civil War of 1861 to 1865, rapidly rose to become the greatest single nation ever in human history.

Any truly objective commentator would be forced to admit that, despite not-infrequent bungling by occasional inept administrations throughout the ensuing history, the British and American people have brought many more blessings to the nations of this world than have they curses. Statistical records prove this point. No other nations in history have reached out to the same extent to share their largesse with those unfortunate nations that are periodically caught in natural crises than the Anglo-Americans. No other nations have spread education, the knowledge of hygiene, modern medicine, the rules of effective administration and the rule of law as have the Anglo-Americans. No other nations have sought to educate the world in the Judaic-Christian theology of monotheism, the worship of the one true God, nor to spread the Word of God, the Bible, to so many peoples in so many languages, as have these Anglo-Americans.

But what has been the response of the world to the outflowing, magnanimous generosity of these two nations? In this early 21st century, most particularly concerning the United States, it has incredibly become a blind hatred!

Anti-Globalists and Intellectuals

“Anti-Americanism is becoming the way people think about the world and position themselves within it. It is a mindset that extends beyond politics to economic and cultural realms” (Foreign Policy, September-October 2004). Why such a phenomenon? Who is influencing and shaping this seeming global anti-American mindset? Someone has to be culpable.

Commentator Jean-Francois Revel blames the anti-globalist lobby. “In spreading the lie that globalization impoverishes the most needy, the protesters simply act upon their twin enthusiasms: anti-American and anti-capitalism” (American Enterprise, June 2004). Ravel makes the point that the thousands of demonstrators who seek to disrupt meetings held by representatives of global business and commerce are merely acting out their “frustration of having seen all the socialisms and all the revolutions fail.”

On the other hand, Paul Johnson sees the intellectuals in society as playing a significant role in the creation and perpetuation of the great anti-American lie. “Anti-Americanism is the prevailing disease of intellectuals today. Like other diseases, it doesn’t have to be logical or rational. But, like other diseases, it has a syndrome—a concurrent set of underlying symptoms that are also causes.” Johnson’s summation? “Anti-Americanism is factually absurd, contradictory, racist, crude, childish, self-defeating and, at bottom, nonsensical” (Forbes, July 21, 2003). What a brilliantly simple definition that is of classic 21st-century intellectualism! Then Johnson cuts to a root cause of this blind hatred of America. “It is based on the powerful but irrational impulse of envy—an envy of American wealth, power, success and determination.”

Rampant Jealousy

Understandably, given the essence of human nature, jealousy of the blessings enjoyed for so long by the Anglo-American people in large part contributed to the demise of the British Empire. Stimulated by certain intellectuals and socialists, subjects of the Crown within British colonies clamored for the seizure of the wealth created under British rule. A subsequent revisionist rewriting of British history succeeded in largely brainwashing whole post-Victorian era generations into believing that the largely benign rule of the British was the very opposite to its reality.

This once global, anti-British mind-set has, since the U.S.’s emergence as the greatest single national power, translated itself into a rising hatred of America.

Author and professor Francis Fukuyama maintained, upon the cessation of the Cold War, that we had realized the end of history. By that he meant that every form of government known to man had been tried and the only one that had effectively survived to be increasingly embraced by nations around the world was liberal democracy. This is that form of government which Churchill termed the best of the worst—the implication being that, based on the reality that all human forms of government are faulty systems, liberal democracy had been proved through history to be the least of all evils.

That being the case, it is interesting to note the observation of a Wall Street Journal writer as he witnessed the opening ceremony at the recent Olympic Games in Greece. “It occurred to me watching this pageant of superb sportsmen and sportswomen that much the same true freedom of spirit could be seen on the faces of athletes from a list of nations with familiar names—Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Afghanistan, Grenada, Kuwait, South Korea, the former captive nations of Romania, Bulgaria, the Czechs, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania (all holding elections since the early 1990s), and the other former Soviet republics.

“These Olympians have one thing in common: They come from the nations the U.S. has liberated since the end of World War ii.

“Across the past half century, the United States used the power of its soldiers, its financial power or its diplomatic power to liberate these people from authoritarian and totalitarian governments or invaders” (August 20).

This journalist then went on to pose the question, in respect of two European hotbeds of emerging anti-Americanism, “How many nations have free France and free Germany liberated since 1945?”

EU Motivations

Why have these European “allies” of the U.S. turned against the hand that freed and then fed them during their post-war recovery barely half a century ago?

Take a look at the resumés of some of the highest-profile movers and shakers in the EU. For instance, consider EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, EU Commission President Manuel Barosso. All were left-wing radicals in their youth. All of them rose through the ranks of the 1960s disestablishment age, an age of rebellion against the norms of capitalist Jewish/Anglo-Saxon Protestant society. Theirs was a youth in rebellion against anything that exemplified the Anglo-American conservative tradition. These men were simply anti-American from their youth. Do leopards change their spots? Or, rather, does such radicalism just morph into a more careful and subtle means of expression, in the political arena, as youth matures into adulthood?

Consider the outcome. These leaders either preside over or vote for an EU budget that sponsors anti-Jewish terrorism! A report released recently by the Funding for Peace Coalition reveals that European taxpayers’ contributions have “been diverted toward graft, terrorism and anti-Israel incitement” (, September 3). You can read our related article on page 8 of this issue.

The same leaders sponsor and endorse a major pop-art exhibition in Brussels, the EU’s capital city, which startlingly publicizes the extent of anti-Americanism within the Union today. The London-based Telegraph newspaper reported that this exhibition casts “the United States as the villain of modern times.” It observes that such anti-American views “can be heard every day in the corridors and canteens of the Union’s institutions” (September 14).

When called upon to support the U.S. in its third campaign in Iraq, against a leader who terrorized his own people with weapons of mass destruction (let alone his proven efforts to build an arsenal of such weapons to use against other nations), Germany’s leaders, these “former” anti-U.S. radicals, make the boldest of political statements, revealing their true colors, by refusing to join the alliance against terror!

At that point we should have remembered that those hate-filled Islamic extremists who slaughtered thousands of lives in New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001, came out of the hotbed of a radical Islamic terrorist enclave tolerated by Germany in the city of Hamburg! Perhaps, at that point, we should have remembered 1972, when Jewish Olympians were slaughtered by Islamic extremists at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany! Perhaps we should have remembered that it was the German authorities, under the administration of Chancellor Willie Brandt, who let these anti-Jew, anti-American murderers go scot-free! The German government simply released these terrorists, thus enabling them to return to their anti-American, anti-Jew networks to continue with their evil work. The lesson for the terrorist inner circle? If you want a safe haven within which to hatch and perpetrate your dirty business, then Germany will roll out the welcome mat!

Think about this! There have been terrorist strikes within the EU in recent times—in France and in Spain. Terrorists with suspected Islamist links have struck hard also in Russia. But Germany has been spared such agony. Why? If the Islamic terrorists want to make a point of their concern about a coming crusade against Islam emanating from a European Union dominated by German leadership, then why not strike at Germany? The answer should be obvious. As long as German governments tolerate the seeding of Islamic extremist anti-Jew, anti-American movements within the confines of their borders, Germany remains safe from terror strikes by these extremists.

This is not dissimilar to London. As long as the “silly dove” Britain (Hosea 7:11) allows London to profit as chief banker for anti-Jew, anti-Anglo-American terror, the city of London will remain generally safe from Islamic terror strikes of a major nature.

But there is yet a third factor that is causing the rise of hatred from within the United States, and significantly elevating the risk of terrorist hits within the nation.

Porous Borders and Leftist Natives

There is continuing growth of the radical Islamic element within American society, much of it dormant, awaiting the signal to act. This has a lot to do with the porous borders to the north and south of the U.S.

The challenge posed by any effort to effectively police the vast U.S.-Canadian border territory is obvious. But it’s from the south, from increasingly unfriendly Latin American countries, that Islamic extremists are penetrating the U.S. While harmless American grannies in wheelchairs are being frisked at U.S. airports, Islamic extremists simply walk across America’s southern borders.

But it is not only those of Arabic or Persian extraction who, with evil purpose, are wandering across the border, having gained prior entry to Latin American countries. A literal flood of immigrants from neighboring Mexico is building into a real headache for the U.S. “As the number of Mexicans living in the U.S. has ballooned (growing from 2 million to 23 million over the past 30 years), so have the feelings of anti-Americanism among them. … Worse, it is being aided and abetted by the anti-Americanism of native American leftists” (, Dec. 6, 2002).

David Montgomery, who wrote the article in FrontPage, attributes the blame for the self-hating anti-American leftist mindset to an amalgam of educationalists, media personalities and those who peddle such views while holding political office. “Is it any wonder that so many of our immigrants have contempt for our country and its traditions, when such a large number of native-born Americans feel the same way? From our schools, to our television shows, to the seats of our political power, widespread disdain is shown for many aspects of our nation’s culture and heritage. We are setting a very poor example for the newcomers to our country, regardless of their predispositions” (ibid.).

Root Cause

Yet there is something that is even more germane to all of this anti-Americanism—something operating at a higher level of reality than that of the human plane. It is, in fact, the ultimate root cause of both this reviving anti-Semitism and increasingly overt anti-Americanism.

Commenting on the innate tendency of human beings to stir conflict and hatred among themselves, the Apostle James declared, “From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? You lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts” (James 4:1-3).

But what is it that influences human behavior in such a negative way? It is simply that which one of the original signers of the United Nations charter, a former Lebanese diplomat named Dr. Charles Malik, labeled as being the source of all human conflict. During an interview at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the founding of that institution, he pointed to an “ancient wisdom” that still exists in the Middle East, which declares that there is such a power as the devil, or Satan, who influences the minds of men and of nations to engage in conflict with each other. He spoke of a truism revealed in your Bible as to the existence of “that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world …” (Revelation 12:9).

This statement is contained within a prophecy that goes on to predict a time when this great negative spiritual presence raises his foaming rage against mankind to fever pitch: “[F]or the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath …” (verse 12).

If you have been a longtime reader of this magazine, if you have watched the Key of David television program, blown the dust off your Bible and checked the currency of end-time Bible prophecy, you will know that this is that time! A time when Satan is gearing himself to trigger the greatest international conflict in this world’s history. It is a time that portends such great global havoc that, except for the intervention of an all-merciful supreme God, all life on the planet would face total annihilation! (Matthew 24:22).

Just Where Do You Fit?

Chief of all targets in Satan’s mind, as he views the nations, are the Judaic and Anglo-American peoples! You need to understand why. This shocking truth is explained in Gerald Flurry’s booklet The Key of David Vision, which we offer to you free upon request.

Anciently, Judah was one tribe of 12 within the nation of Israel. Those tribes were prophesied to become nations. Those 12 nations figure hugely in God’s plan to bring salvation to all mankind. Who are these peoples today? Can we find their descendents living in this age? Yes, we can! Believe it or not, large portions of their descendents are today to be found possessing the choicest locations on the planet—just as God prophesied it would be when He blessed the old patriarch of Judah and Israel, Abraham (Genesis 22:15-18).

But there were to be two nations in particular that would descend from Israel and be given special blessings in the closing centuries of man’s civilization. These are the descendents of Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, himself the great-grandson of Abraham (Genesis 48). It is a fact that, at this particular moment in history, with many in the West seeking to trace their family roots, interest is reviving in the study of the descendants of these Israelites. For proof that the British peoples are descended from Ephraim, and that the descendents of Manasseh now populate the United States of America, write immediately for your free copy of the book authored by Herbert W. Armstrong titled The United States and Britain in Prophecy.

What many within the increasing ranks of those who understand the identity of the U.S. do not realize, however, is that Bible prophecy actually predicts the great fall from favor of America, this greatest single nation on Earth! It depicts a U.S. caught in a pattern of disobedience to the God who granted its tremendous blessings, falling out of favor with God and, as a result, falling from great power and influence to become a despised nation, gloated over by its enemies as it descends into crisis upon crisis to the point of abject slavery!

Sound crazy? Only to those who refuse to check up and prove the veracity of unerring Bible prophecy.

This is not a tasteful message that we are called upon to deliver. But it is the truth! The fact is, you cannot afford not to check it out!

The reality is that the U.S. faces at least three massive headaches that will inevitably lead to its descent from greatness: 1) its tremendous dependence on foreign capital to fund its profligate consumerism, 2) the extreme overstretch of its military forces, and 3) the loss of its collective political will to see battle against its enemies through to real and ultimate victory! No power, no matter how huge its economy, can survive under such combined negative pressures. The EU knows that. China knows that. Russia knows it! Radical Islam knows it too! In fact, the thinking people around the globe, regardless of nationality, know it. It is a self-evident truth.

So where will you be and what will you do when the economy collapses? (Deuteronomy 28:44). Where will you be when the trumpet is blown and no one from your country goes to battle to defend its freedoms? (Ezekiel 7:14). Where will you be and what will you do when the rising hatred for America, and for the English-speaking allies of the U.S., morphs into a massive blockade by foreign powers, followed by foreign military invasion, and—the greatest ignominy of all—the taking of the world’s most freedom-loving people into abject, squalid slavery? (Deuteronomy 28:41).

You need to take those questions seriously—VERY SERIOUSLY!

It appears that at least one member of academia does. Read this: “As an ideology, anti-Semitism dehumanized its object and so helped prepare the way for mass murder. So, too, with the new anti-Americanism” (Professor Bernard Wasserstein, University of Glasgow, Chronicle of Higher Education, op. cit.).

Prophecy marches on to its inevitable fulfillment! The last moments of this last hour of mankind’s civilization, under the deceitful sway of “that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world,” tick away. With each passing month, the hatred of the nations against America and its English-speaking allies rises even as anti-Semitism returns to haunt the planet.

There exist “allies” of the U.S. who simply became its post-World War ii allies for their own convenience. They have secretly worked against Anglo-American interests for decades. They will continue to bide their time, playing the U.S. for a sucker, till the day comes when they form alliances with other nations more conducive to the defeat of Anglo-American power and its replacement by their own! Time IS running out for you to prepare for that moment.

But the good news is that, whether you realize it or not, there IS a way of escape from all this! Write now for your copy of EzekielThe End-Time Prophet and find out how to make the changes in your life that will guarantee your protection from the holocaust ahead! It will show you how you can become one who contributes to the removal of all hatred between nations and be part of a movement that will usher in a world government that will guarantee true world peace!