The German House of Europe

Germany’s domination of the Continent is fast approaching its apex.

“Germany Approaches the Dominance It Always Sought,” reads the title of a powerful article by Rodney Atkinson which the mainstream British media have largely ignored. Not many people like to be reminded about the European Union’s fascist roots, nor how the euro was designed from the beginning with the knowledge that it would eventually cause an economic crisis—a crisis that could be exploited to drive European integration and the loss of national sovereignty.

Trumpet readers are familiar with Atkinson, a German university lecturer, former British politician, businessman and public speaker. His expertise and reporting of the constitutional impact of the EU on Britain, its historical fascist roots and economic impact have been featured worldwide. Over the years he has visited our facilities, been interviewed by the Trumpet magazine and on the set of the Key of David television program. In addition, our editor in chief and select staff have traveled to Britain to attend conferences at Oxford University, where they have met with Mr. Atkinson and interviewed him and other speakers regarding the advancement of the European Union, impact on Britain and domination by the Continent’s most powerful country.

Mr. Atkinson introduced his article declaring, “It is disturbing, as the economic decimation of many European countries follows the emasculation of their sovereign democracies ….”

His comments come in advance of looming European parliamentary elections amid a continuing climate of increasing administrative power in the hands of Brussels bureaucrats rather than the legislatures of member countries.

“The euro has caused economic and social collapse in southern Europe and Ireland,” Mr. Atkinson continued, “with war-time levels of degradation, economic refugees, record suicides, child malnutrition and depopulation as youth unemployment of up to 60 percent drives young Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and Irish to leave their homelands–usually to the benefit of the German economy …. No clearer insight is needed into the true nature of the ‘German Europe’ about which many of us (including most prominently Margaret Thatcher) warned after the ‘Single European Act’ of 1986 and the Maastricht Treaty of 1992.”

The Trumpet has reported consistently on the fiscal strictures imposed by the Berlin government that have strengthened Germany, and increased exports and income while cutting debt. We have written about Germany recalling international gold stores, and the key role it played in bailing out the economically weaker southern Europeans nations in direct fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel 8:9.

Mr. Atkinson reported,

It was Helmut Kohl who said, “The future will belong to the Germans … when we build the house of Europe.” And it was Adenauer’s minister of commerce, Dr. Seebohm (anticipating the British government’s favorite phrase “Britain at the heart of Europe”!) who asserted that “Germany is the heart of Europe, and the limbs must adjust themselves to the heart not the heart to the limbs.” As the Mediterranean members of the European Union teeter on the brink of bankruptcy, Germany has accumulated a €750 billion trade surplus with them—due entirely to the euro which subsidizes German exports and prevents those countries from adjusting a national currency to their loss of competitiveness.Indeed Germany makes no secret (now that the structures of EU power are in place) of its domineering intent. In 2014 the change to majority voting rules (to reflect population size) will give far more power to Germany, and Berlin has demanded that voting rights in the European Central Bank are distributed according to national gross domestic product! Germany has drawn a clear line in regard to their commitment to the European Financial Stability Fund (efsf) beyond which there will be no further pan-European support for bailouts, and it has rejected the “lender of last resort” role for the ecb which might have been a way out of the grave euro crisis. So in both political and economic power, Germany ruthlessly pursues national interests despite selling the new Europe as a means of “fighting nationalism.”

The article further highlighted the pressure from Germany to establish a single European currency specifically aimed at creating a financial crisis among its member states in an effort to attain more power and authority at the heart of the EU—Berlin.

Germany’s rise has enormous implications for the future of Europe and the world. Mr. Atkinson is among a very few observers expressing the justifiable concern that this trend should create in us all.

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