The Growing EU-U.S. Rivalry

Global power is shifting.

“German predomination over the EU is today taken for granted,” reported on November 5. “[A] shift is perceived in relations to the most important global rival, the United States.”

The article cites the German Institute for International and Security Affairs as saying, “‘A major redistribution of power’ is currently taking place in Europe, with France and Great Britain falling clearly behind Germany” as the bloc’s most recognizable power.

Whether it be in the spheres of government, economics or military, Germany now dominates the Continent. On the world stage, Germany’s leadership of Europe has forged the nation into a globally influential force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, the the United States is in the winter of its life as the dominant world power. It is plagued by financial malaise, reckless overspending, a chronic inability to fund its government services unless debt ceilings are repeatedly raised, and decreasing effectiveness in its foreign policy.

The fact that German predomination is taken for granted today signals a vast lack of historical understanding from leading nations. The denial of history—which has recorded two catastrophic world wars in recent memory, both of which were instigated by the most dominant country in Europe—will have shocking consequences.

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