Our Multipurpose Mail Processing Center


Last month, we gave you a first look at the newest addition to the Philadelphia Church of God’s building program—our Mail Processing Center (mpc). Because this facility is so critical to our distribution of the message you hold in your hands, I thought it would be worth taking another look.

Through television, magazines, books and booklets, our message reaches hundreds of thousands of people each month. The mpc opened in May to support this message more effectively. Despite its name, this building accommodates much more than just mail operations. It serves as a conduit through which our spoken and written message is delivered. At 17,400 square feet, it is large enough to serve a number of purposes.

On the second floor of the mpc is our new 1,300-square-foot television studio, control room and production office. Our tv program, The Key of David, has experienced a new beginning within this spacious and beautiful set. We’ve already used it to record programs being aired around the world.

As a direct support to the Key of David program, our call center is also located in the mpc. The call center hosts a supervisor station and 21 operator terminals, where our operators take literature and ministerial visit requests from those who call as a result of the program or advertisements seen in this magazine. Thousands of calls are received and processed each month.

The cd and cassette tape department is also housed within the mpc. The department is responsible for taking select audio messages, duplicating them and distributing them to our Church members scattered worldwide.

The information services department also has offices in the mpc. This department develops and maintains our contact information database and websites.

Finally, mail operations is the largest department in the mpc. All of our available literature is stored within the mpc’s 9,000-square-foot warehouse. The warehouse is large enough to store at least 35,000 copies each of the Church’s 60-plus books and booklets, including the works of Herbert W. Armstrong that we own. In total, the warehouse can maintain between 2.5 and 3 million books and booklets plus a multitude of magazines.

The actual mail processing takes place in a large room called the fulfillment center. There the requests are processed and literature packaged; from there the mailings are delivered to the local post office.

The Mail Processing Center is truly a hub of activity—acting as a main distribution center for our message in this end time. The television department, call center, information services and mail operations all perform a vital role in supporting our efforts to reach the largest audience possible. These departments are a critical part of the support structure needed to deliver a message of hope to this world.