Terror Triumphant!

Liberals across the world hail it as a triumph for peace; conservatives condemn it as a diabolical deal. What will be the final outcome of the Irish peace accord?

On Good Friday, April 10, 1998, a three-way handshake cemented a historic agreement between the British and Irish governments, through American mediation. British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern and U.S. negotiator Senator George Mitchell ended a marathon 34-hour negotiation session on the the Belfast Peace Accord, concerning the future government of Northern Ireland. The result: a consensus between the principal protagonists, Catholic Sinn Fein (the political wing of the terrorist Irish Republican Army) and the Protestant Ulster Unionists. Only 11 days later, a Roman Catholic Council worker was murdered by a lone gunman on a civil refuse dump in Portadown, County Armagh.

On May 22, voters in both the British province of Northern Ireland and the Southern Republic of Ireland, in separate referendums, cast their votes in overwhelming favor of the Belfast Peace Accord. Security police detained two southerners on their way to vote, finding bomb-making materials in both of their vehicles. Three days later, a bomb left at a suburban Belfast rail station exploded as British army personnel attempted to defuse it. Later the same day, authorities stopped Belfast-to-Dublin trains due to the discovery of another bomb near Lurgan, a Catholic quarter 30 miles southwest of Belfast. Barely a week later, in Portadown, Northern Ireland, Catholic protesters and Protestant marchers clashed in the worst scene of violence since the peace agreement reached on April 10.

The peace agreement has been signed by the British and Irish governments as well as eight political parties in Ireland. The Irish people voted their endorsement in the May 22 referendums. But no one has yet handed in their guns, bombs, rockets or other offensive weaponry!

The Peace Agreement

The Belfast Peace Accord allows for Northern Ireland, which has been ruled directly by the British government since 1972, to have its own 108-member elected assembly. A cabinet of 12 members from several parties will preside over the assembly. Under this arrangement, Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom for the time being.

The validity of the peace agreement was dependent on the southern Republic of Ireland, in their May referendum, voting to support the amendment to two crucial clauses of their constitution. The amendment affirmed that Ireland has no desire for Irish union without the consent of a majority within Northern Ireland.

A contentious clause within the agreement allows for prisoners convicted of terrorist crimes to be freed within two years, providing the groups which they represent continue to observe cease-fires. The overwhelmingly successful vote in the Irish Republic also involved approval of the Amsterdam Treaty on European Union. This now gives the EU fresh authority over immigration and border security and provides for more decisions affecting the Republic to be taken by a majority of countries rather than unanimous votes.

Legitimizing Terrorism

The sham of this “peace agreement,” brokered via almost 22 months of talks between the British and Irish governments and led by President Clinton’s hand-picked negotiator, George Mitchell, seems to be largely unperceived by the majority of Irish peoples, political commentators and the media. At its best, it is a most shameful capitulation to the forces of terrorism. At its worst, it contains the sinister seeds of destruction of the very peace that it is touted to produce.

At a meeting of Catholics and Protestants prior to the May referendum in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, Anne Slaine —mother, Protestant, British—poignantly explained what it was that motivated her thoughts on the eve of the vote. “I… would like to think I could live as an equal to my Catholic neighbor and live in peace and concord and happiness with them all. I, however, am the mother of a young man who was literally cut in two by a rocket…. He is a victim and has to live with that the rest of his life” (International Herald Tribune, May 21).

Over 3,200 bodies lie interred in Ireland’s soil, victims of the horrifyingly barbarous acts of terrorism perpetrated over the past 30 years of violence in Ireland’s politico-religious civil war—but no one has given up their guns. A peace agreement has been concluded. Two referendums have overwhelmingly endorsed it. The crucial election of a newly appointed assembly to govern Ulster was on June 26. Yet no one has given up their guns! Ireland remains an armed camp!

In the assessment of arms experts, the Catholic IRA retains up to three tons of semtex explosives, perhaps three ground-to-air missiles and hundreds of AK-47 assault rifles, in

addition to a range of other guns.

The Protestant Ulster Defense Association has, at a minimum, 200 rifles or machine pistols, at least 200 more handguns and an untallied amount of explosive compounds. Additionally, the Ulster Volunteer Force apparently has a similar cache of weaponry at its disposal. Call them all paramilitaries, call them all guerrillas; the plain fact is that those for whom these murderous weapons are stockpiled are plain and simple terrorists—and their ranks are being strengthened by weak-willed politicians who are releasing from prison some of the worst offenders!

Most crucial to the Belfast peace deal was agreement, by all parties, to the staged release, over the next two years, of paramilitary prisoners—many of whom are guilty of the most heinous and horrific crimes.

Remember South Africa? One of Nelson Mandela’s first acts when he came to office was to release a pile of murderers, rapists and thieves from jail. In the interests of peace! The result? South Africa leads the world in murder, rape and robbery! A rank terrorist now heads its National Defense Force! South Africa is increasingly becoming the puppet of its former terrorist bankers and mentors, and is bowing to their whims in its foreign policy.

The former British Secretary for Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlem, roundly condemned the murder of Catholic Adrian Lamph by a lone gunman in Portadown. Yet she applauded the temporary release of the Catholic Balcombe Street Gang which terrorized London in the 1970s. With combined jail sentences totalling over 2,000 years, these masters of murder were responsible for some 50 bombings and shootings, killing at least 16 people in their reign of terror in the early- to mid-1970s. Unbelievably, the Blair government approved their temporary release to bolster publicity for the “Yes” vote in the May referendum. As the terrorist gang entered a Sinn Fein meeting, convened on May 10 to railroad a “Yes” vote out of Sinn Fein/IRA delegates, the meeting hall erupted in a deafening ovation. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams hugged the terrorist gang in tearful embrace.

Lord Tebbit, whose wife fell as a paralyzed victim of the IRA bomb that blasted their apartment at a Conservative Party Conference during Mrs. Thatcher’s prime-ministership, took a more sour view of all this. “They have committed violence to the whole concept of justice,” he stated. “I cannot recall a precedent for convicted violent criminals to be released for a Government political campaign. Will they release loyalist terrorists to campaign for a ‘no’ vote?” (The Times, May 11).

Meanwhile, as paramilitaries are released, two Scots guardsmen, condemned to jail for their on-duty shooting of a fleeing youth in Belfast in 1992, had their application for a review of their sentence turned down by Mo Mowlem.

To Lord Tebbit, the message to the community at large is very clear—terrorist criminals, “paramilitaries,” are to be treated differently from other criminals! Norman Tebbit’s view of the Irish situation is most incisive: “The people of Northern Ireland will soon be asked for their consent to this step towards their annexation by the Republic [the South]. It will be sought while the IRA is holding a gun to the head of every voter” (The Week, May 9).

When Royal Ulster Constabulary officer Gorden Taylor heckled Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlem as she addressed the Northern Ireland Police Federation, Ms. Mowlem blatantly admitted to IRA blackmail in the peace deal. Fearing the prospect of some 400 paramilitary prisoners being released over the next two years, Taylor pointed to the fact that 300 police officers have been murdered in Northern Ireland. Ms. Mowlem’s retort was to the effect that the peace deal could not possibly have been struck without an agreement with Sinn Fein to release terrorist prisoners.

The intransigence of Sinn Fein/IRA on the decommissioning of weapons was summed up by Sinn Fein councilor Francie Molloy, who stated, “The IRA haven’t been defeated, and unless you have the defeat of one organization over the other, then you don’t have a surrender of weapons.”

Connor Cruise O’Brien, pro-chancellor of the University of Dublin, has highlighted the offensive of the provisional IRA as “a major convergence of religion and nationalism: a Catholic and nationalist offensive, not only (as claimed) against a British occupation but against the Protestant and Unionist population of Northern Ireland: a kind of Holy War” (Ancestral Voices, p. 4). O’Brien’s view of the current situation in Ireland is summed up in his observation on the reality behind the euphoria: “So Sinn Fein/IRA has every reason, for the moment, to continue to operate a ‘peace process’ which is, from its point of view, a fertile and rewarding field for further blackmail” (The Times, April 13).

Populate—or Perish!

It is simply the political leverage which the IRA has employed, based on a continuance of paramilitary threats, combined with one other inevitable trend, that will win the day for Sinn Fein/IRA and their supporters on the ultimate partition of Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom. That other inevitable trend has to do with the population mix of Northern Ireland. It was Yasser Arafat, the “Palestinian Gerry Adams,” who threatened the Israelis with the declaration, “We will populate you out of existence!” He called upon the Palestinians to produce 12 children per family for the Palestinian cause!

Why has the Republic of Ireland so overwhelmingly voted in support of an amendment which affirms that Ireland has no wish for union with the North without the consent of a Northern Ireland majority? Does this not cut across traditional desires of the Catholic South and Sinn Fein/IRA for the total union of Ireland?

No! In fact it is a careful ploy to lull the Protestant north into signing the agreement. The plain fact is that, given a few years, the Protestant majority in Ulster will be overwhelmed by the much more rapidly reproducing Catholic minority. It is simply a matter of time. The Catholic nationalists will simply populate the Ulster Irish out of existence as a province separate from the rest of Ireland!

The EU Card

There is another quiet player in the Irish situation—the European Union, of which Ireland is a member. No other nation (other than, perhaps, the Netherlands) has benefitted economically from EU membership over the past decade as much as Ireland. Her economy is booming! Growth of 8 percent and more over recent years has powered average incomes in the South above those of the North. Indeed, for the first time in the Republic’s history, average incomes in Ireland have exceeded those in the rest of Britain.

EU-energized foreign investment has pushed the Republic of Ireland out of its previously poor, agriculturally dependent economy into the high-tech zone. Ulster-based businesses have been taking advantage of the uncertain lull of the IRA pseudo cease-fire to build bridges into Southern business. Trade between the North and South has leapt by 55 percent since 1993. There is little doubt that this influenced business in the North to vote “Yes” in the Ulster referendum.

Over the past five years, the EU has sunk over 400 million British pounds into the Republic of Ireland. The EU has simply and subtly bought its way into the peace process in Ireland by demanding that the receipt of much of this money be conditional upon the creation of partnerships between North and South. As the Irish Times reported, “By making much of the money conditional on the creation of cross-community partnerships and by pumping cash into the non-governmental sector, the EU hoped to foster a climate which would support a political process conducted at another level…. In the local partnership boards and the regional structures set up to monitor the funds, Sinn Fein and Democratic Unionist local representatives worked together, many meeting for the first time…. And they made no bones about their willingness to stand over funding of potentially controversial projects like those involved in the rehabilitation of former political prisoners” (Irish Times, April 13, emphasis mine).

Ireland’s “European” Future

Following the vote overwhelmingly in favor of the Irish peace agreement on May 22, the Pope expressed his personal reaction: “I rejoice over the will for peace and reconciliation that emerged yesterday from the popular referendum.” This political pope, Pope John Paul II, has reason to rejoice, in his terms. For centuries, the Vatican has looked upon Britain as “Mary’s Dowry.” She has desired the

Catholicization of Britain as the final jewel in the papal crown.

The Anglican Church is rife with dissension from within, populated by homosexuals and transsexual priests, in deep decline into the most dubious of spiritual practices, to the point where historian Paul Johnson declares that it is time that this ancient and traditional bastion of British spiritual faith just close up shop. Protestantism presents no respectable resistance to the incursion of Catholicism in Britain. The Catholicization of Ulster by the combined forces of IRA paramilitary blackmail, population overrun by Northern Catholics and the strengthening of Catholic-led EU business plays right into the Vatican’s hands.

Norman Tebbit claims that the Ulster agreement “is about the partition of Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom.” With Scotland already convening its own parliament, and Wales moving in the same direction, Ulster has little hope of holding out against the odds that the British and Irish governments, under Senator Mitchell’s and President Clinton’s guidance, have loaded against it.

Sinister Aspect

There is one more aspect of this sinister plot to bury Ulster nationalists that is little considered. Ireland, with the exception of the Ulster-Scottish north, is populated largely by peoples of Irish-Celtic Danite origin. Perhaps no other tribe of Israel provoked the Eternal God to anger through unmitigated idolatry like the tribe of Dan (Jer. 8:19). Still today, Catholic Irish practices are steeped in the worship of icons, statues and other such false imagery. As the euro-beast power of the European Union moves to rope in its eastern cousins on the continent of Europe, quietly, subtly, the EU has beavered away in the background to exert her influence in support of the Catholic South-Sinn Fein/IRA push for the ultimate takeover of Ulster. The danger of this inevitability is seemingly undetected by British politicians.

“Study your history books and you will see man’s rule is from crisis to crisis. But the crisis of crises is just ahead of us” (Gerald Flurry, Jeremiah, Prophet of Doom—or Hope?, p. 2—write for your free copy now!). The prophet Jeremiah predicted a time when “we looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble!” (Jer. 8:15). What an apt description of the Northern Ireland quandary! Yet in verse 16, Jeremiah foretells a powerful army in Dan literally devouring the land! Ireland (Dan) is not capable of mounting such a military force. Yet those with whom she consorts in union within Europe are! As you have read in the pages of this magazine, Bible prophecy declares that a German-dominated European power, inspired by a great false church, will dispossess the nations of Israel, primarily Britain and America, of their land and drive them into slavery!

In World War II, the neutral Irish government did not permit invasion of Britain from Irish shores. Ireland, however, was not then in literal league with the dominant European power, Germany, as it is today via its EU membership. Will an EU-dominated Ireland yet prove to be a literal stepping stone to Britain for a future Euro-force? Will the coming Beast-power literally leap across to Britain from a united, nationalized, Catholicized Ireland, avoiding the traditional pitfall of the English Channel, where so many attempts on the island of the British have met their demise? Will the island of Ireland become the staging point for a great blitzkrieg of England’s green and pleasant land as the prophesied beastly Euro-force finally delivers “Mary’s Dowry” into the long-awaiting hand of the Holy Roman Empire?

Fait Accompli

Watch June 26 for the outcome of the Southern Ireland elections. Remember that Gerry Adams, wined and dined by U.S. business bosses, feted by President Clinton and welcomed to Downing Street by Prime Minister Tony Blair, was a senior terrorist commander of the murderous IRA in the 1980s. Remember that his cohorts, Martin McGuinness and Pat Doherty, Sinn Fein leaders, were also among the IRA’s most senior commanders in the 1980s. Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein candidate for the new Northern Ireland Assembly, sentenced to life in 1973 for killing one person and injuring 250 others in the Old Baily bombing, may well be elected, as a free man, on June 26. Remember, Kelly shot a prison officer in the head while escaping from Maize jail!

Remember that John White, of the Ulster Democratic Party, convicted murderer of Catholics, also hacked to death and then mutilated the bodies of SDLP politician Paddy Wilson and his secretary Irene Adams in 1973. He stands as a candidate for the Northern Ireland Assembly on June 26. Of such caliber are some of those who will stand and who may win seats in the new Assembly. Remember, and pity, the mothers of Northern Ireland such as Anne Slaine, whose son still lives with a body that does not exist from the pelvis down, and who must succumb to the doubtful rule of this dubious assemblage in the guise of “transitional” peacemakers.

When the votes are cast and the result is tabulated on the weekend of June 26-27, remember the Easter Rising commemoration statement made by the IRA’s Army Council only a few days after the “peace agreement” was concluded: “We remain committed to ending British rule in Ireland and the reunification of our country. We will carefully study the outcome of the talks process against its potential to move us towards our primary aim, a 32-county democratic socialist republic.”

Remember and watch and pray for the day when man’s rule will no longer lurch from crisis to crisis, but will become subject to the supreme rule of a beneficent King of kings who will usher in true peace, under a righteous and just government, which will quell all terrorism and negate its grievances, pain and suffering forever! “And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev. 21:3-4).