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December 2, 2016  •  28 minutes  •  # $
Have you ever wondered what God thinks about Christmas?

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Where did Christmas come from? Why do people observe it? How and when did it originate? Does it really celebrate the birth of Christ? And what about the many popular traditions associated with Christmas—Santa Claus, mistletoe, the Yule log, the Christmas tree? Where did these customs come from?

We were born into a world filled with all kinds of traditions and customs. And most people have grown up accepting these traditions without ever stopping to ask why?

The word “Christmas” is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. The original apostles, who were personally instructed by Christ, never celebrated this holiday. History proves that Christmas celebration, as it is observed today, was started in the fourth century a.d.—300 to 400 years after Christ!

What are the true origins of this day? Many people dismiss the need to understand this truth. Even many who do know the origins of Christmas continue to celebrate it because it is—as they say—a harmless tradition, or good time to spend with the family. But what does the Bible say about observing this day?

On today’s program, we ask why. And consider what the Bible says—or doesn’t say—about many of the traditions this world has come to accept without question.