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November 18, 2016  •  26 minutes  •  # $
Why did God set apart the Sabbath as ‘holy’?

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Most people think it makes no difference which day they observe the Sabbath command, or whether they keep it at all. Of course, if there is no God—and the Bible is just the work of mortal men—then it doesn’t matter which day we observe. But if there is a God, and if the Holy Bible is His authoritative Word, then it certainly does matter which day we observe!

Few realize it today, but the Sabbath-versus-Sunday controversy raged during the first three centuries of the Christian era. Violence and bloodshed mounted. Millions were tortured and put to death over this question. Who is right? And, after all, does it make any difference?

God does not say to create your own holy day and worship on that day. He specifically says to remember the Sabbath day and “keep” it holy. It’s not up to men to choose which day they want to observe—God commands that the Sabbath is kept holy, and He explains how to keep it holy!

Do we diligently try to see what God expects of us on the Sabbath, or do we have our own formula for observance?

The seventh-day Sabbath was made for man—as a blessing to man! It was made to be enjoyed—to be spiritually refreshed in blessed fellowship and communion with Christ! Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath while He lived as a human on Earth. Whole chapters in the four Gospels are devoted to recording how He taught us to keep the Sabbath.

On this episode of the Trumpet Daily, we explain which day is the Sabbath and how the Bible says it is to be kept.