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October 7, 2016  •  27 minutes  •  # $
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Almost 90 years ago, Herbert W. Armstrong was challenged to make an in-depth study of the Holy Bible. During his intensive study, he learned that that the Bible, though often misunderstood, contained answers to the most important questions in life. Over the course of his long life, as he continued to study, Mr. Armstrong developed a unique understanding of the many subjects that have always perplexed mankind.

Mystery of the Ages is the product of his lifelong study of God’s Word. Each chapter provides keys to answering the most perplexing questions of our day—questions that have puzzled scholars and philosophers for thousands of years. On today’s program, we discuss these mysteries—and offer you, the viewer, a free copy of Mystery of the Ages.

Time has proven Mystery of the Ages to be the most important book written in nearly 1,900 years. Not because of literary excellence or flowery language of scholarship that Herbert Armstrong purposely avoided, but because of its plainness of speech in clarifying the most important knowledge ever revealed from the supreme source of understanding of that which has mystified all humans since man first appeared on earth.

This world’s humanity has been blinded to who, what and why man is—how man appeared on earth. Man has been mystified by his inability to solve his problems, or find answers to the perplexing questions of mankind and the world he inhabits.

All these mysteries were long ago revealed by the one supreme authority of all knowledge, but in a coded message not allowed to be revealed and decoded until our time. In Mystery of the Ages, these great mysteries of life are thoroughly explained in vivid detail.