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August 19, 2016  •  27 minutes  •  # $

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The British Museum houses a vast collection of ancient artifacts that not only confirm the biblical record—it confirms it many times over! As you walk the beautiful galleries of Britain’s second most popular tourist attraction, you will discover a rich supply of material that illuminates God’s inspired word—the Holy Bible.

The relatively new science of archeology—the digging up and study of the material remains of man’s past—confirms without question the historical accuracy of the Bible. At one point in time the events and persons of the Bible were known only as they were recorded in the scriptures. However, archaeology has uncovered solid, documented evidence confirming the Biblical accounts.

In today’s program, presenter Stephen Flurry discusses his recent trip to the Museum and explains the significance of items including: Shalmaneser’s Black Obelisk, the reliefs of Lachish, the Cylinder of Nabonidus, the Cyrus Cylinder and Sennacherib’s Prism. These artifacts held at the British Museum reinforce the authority of the Bible.