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America’s infrastructure and military have a catastrophic vulnerability—well known for dec-ades, yet not dealt with.
By Richard Palmer, from January 26, 2016 in Analysis »
Russian mind games with nuclear weapons mean that NATO has to step it up, write top German think tanks.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from January 6, 2016 in Analysis »
For Russia and China, it was a year of bold moves.
Dependence on satellite technology has turned Star Wars into strategic reality.
By Richard Palmer, from December 18, 2015 in Analysis »
A smaller EU with its own army can already be seen on the horizon.
By Kieren Underwood, from December 17, 2015 in News »
Defense Secretary Ash Carter rebuffs Marine Corps plea to keep elite forces male-only.
By Richard Palmer, from December 4, 2015 in Analysis »
Germany’s relationship with its military is changing before your eyes.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from November 17, 2015 in Analysis »
In the last 14 months of President Obama’s term, we could see more and larger pushes from Russia and China against global stability.