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By Anthony Chibarirwe, from February 12, 2016 in Analysis »
According to a United States intelligence report, Iran’s national character remains belligerent as ever. Why then has its public image changed drastically in the past few months?
In America’s absence, the House of Saud is scrambling to form alliances to stop the king of the Middle East.
By Gerald Flurry, from January 30, 2016 in Top Stories 2 »
The devastating impact from the United States’ diplomacy with Iran will hasten the return of Jesus Christ.
By Kieren Underwood, from January 24, 2016 in Top Stories 1 »
Iran’s economy is ‘on the runway, ready to take off.’
By Callum Wood, from January 22, 2016 in Analysis »
President Obama’s disastrous prisoner swap
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Why Iran wants the world to see the missiles
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Setting the climactic sectarian battlefield for 2016