More Roman Catholicism

By Richard Palmer, from October 30, 2014 in Top Stories 1 »
The rise of Islamic State gives the Catholic Church ‘a great opportunity and also a great responsibility.’
By Kiall Lorenz, from August 13, 2014 in Top Stories 1 »
‘The goal of full unity may seem distant, yet it remains the aim, which should direct our every step along the way.’
By Gerald Flurry, from July 26, 2014 in Top Stories 1 »
Germany and the Unites States were enemies in World Wars I and II. But for the past 70 years, they have been close allies. That relationship is now changing.
By Richard Palmer, from July 23, 2014 in Analysis »
‘This has never happened in Christian or Islamic history. Even Genghis Khan or Hulagu didn’t do this.’
By Richard Palmer, from July 17, 2014 in Analysis »
For the terrorist group ISIS, establishing a caliphate is simply one step on the road to war with Europe.
By Richard Palmer, from July 7, 2014 in Analysis »
A papal interview proves the Catholic Church is unrepentant of its past mistakes.