More Islam

By Callum Wood, from August 22, 2016 in Analysis »
A historic moment—Russian bombers use Iran for the Syria campaign.
By Richard Palmer, from August 7, 2016 in Analysis »
Pope Francis says that Islam is a religion of peace. Many, even in the church today, say he’s wrong.
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France must move to a real war footing if it wants to stop these attacks.
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Many blame the huge influx of refugees for increased violence in Germany—but there is more to it.
A Muslim jihadi mass shooting proves the imminent threat of … Christians?
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The geopolitical significance of an age-old rivalry
By Josué Michels, from June 16, 2016 in Analysis »
For many high-ranking politicians, it is already clear that the deal with Turkey has failed. What’s next?
By Callum Wood, from June 15, 2016 in News »
The Iraqi offensive is quickly becoming Tikrit 2.0.