More Christianity

By Stephen Flurry, from July 31, 2015 in Top Stories 3 »
From the very beginning, God’s Church has been in a war for its life.
By Gerald Flurry, from March 28, 2015 in Top Stories 1 »
True Christians do much more than simply accept Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.
By Kiall Lorenz, from August 13, 2014 in Top Stories 1 »
‘The goal of full unity may seem distant, yet it remains the aim, which should direct our every step along the way.’
By Callum Wood, from August 28, 2013 in Top Stories 1 »
The fighting in Egypt has started to take on a sectarian nature as Islamists vent their anger on the Christian minority.
By Joel Hilliker, from April 3, 2013 in Society »
Witness the revolutionary cultural shift.