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By Gerald Flurry, from April 19, 2014 in Top Stories »
King David of Israel was a man of God—and he was also a man of war. Yet today’s leaders of the modern nations of Israel are different than David. They will not fight for God.
By Anthony Chibarirwe, from April 13, 2014 in News »
How the Chad-CAR crisis tells on our volatile religious world
By Gerald Flurry, from April 12, 2014 in Top Stories »
What is the significance of Passover? How should it be kept? Understanding Passover’s true meaning is essential to your eternal life.
By Callum Wood, from April 4, 2014 in Analysis »
What the pope’s trip to the Middle East says about Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox reconciliation
By Stephen Flurry, Principles of Living from the May/June 2014 Trumpet Print Edition »
Does your performance match your desire to serve? 
From March 30, 2014 in Literature »
The book of Jeremiah was written to the ancient Israelites over 100 years after they had gone into captivity. Think about that! Why would God cause Jeremiah to do such a thing? Because the book of Jeremiah is primarily for Israel in the end time! And there is an even greater emphasis on spiritual Israel, or God’s Church.You urgently need to understand why!
By Herbert W. Armstrong, from March 24, 2014 in Literature »
L’ existence de Dieu peut-elle tre scientifiquement prouve ? Quelle est l’origine premire de la vie ? Pouvons-nous savoir si Dieu poss de des capacits mentales ?