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By Kieren Underwood, from September 5, 2016 in Top Stories 1 »
Why the ban means more than what you can wear to the beach
By Andrew Miiller and Abraham Blondeau, from July 7, 2016 in Analysis »
America is moving into a dangerous era where the only constraints on presidential power are no longer constitutional—merely political.
By Kieren Underwood, from July 4, 2016 in Analysis »
Are Americans looking to their representatives or a committee of nine robed scholars to make decisions?
A Muslim jihadi mass shooting proves the imminent threat of … Christians?
Strong support among youth for Bernie Sanders reveals the nation’s immediate future.
By Andrew Miiller, from March 29, 2016 in Analysis »
Americans are no longer taught the rationale behind why the Founders limited the power of the federal government.
By Andrew Miiller, from May 20, 2016 in Featured »
The 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be a contest between democratic socialism and national populism.
For three decades, Justice Antonin Scalia was on a mission to rein in a runaway Supreme Court. What does his absence mean for America? 
Comparing the Oregon standoff with the Black Lives Matter movement shows how divided America has become on the issue of federal law enforcement. 
By Kieren Underwood, from February 15, 2016 in News »
Every occupier is gone and their leaders apprehended.