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By Abraham Blondeau, from September 25, 2015 in Analysis »
The anniversary of the beginning of World War II has chilling omens for us today.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from September 24, 2015 in Top Stories 1 »
Despite fierce opposition, Japan’s upper house passed a law permitting troops to fight on foreign soil for the first time since World War II.
From September 8, 2015 in Analysis »
Why the two programs should not be considered independent of one another
By Gerald Flurry, from September 6, 2015 in Columnists »
There is a physical house here on Earth that holds the key to frightening current events and to a brilliant future for all mankind. You MUST know where that house is today.
By Callum Wood, from September 4, 2015 in Analysis »
The price of trusting Assad