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By Andrew Miiller, from April 29, 2016 in Analysis »
Unless something drastically changes, the future of the United States lays in the hands of those who favor democratic socialism over limited government.
By Kieren Underwood, from April 27, 2016 in News »
The homegrown problem of extremism that politicians are no longer ignoring
By Kieren Underwood, from April 17, 2016 in News »
Even critics see that TV shows are going too far to attract viewers.
By Kieren Underwood, from April 13, 2016 in Analysis »
Public opinion on how to deal with migrants is changing rapidly.
By Andrew Miiller, from April 12, 2016 in News »
Decades of peer-reviewed research prove that pornography shapes people’s views of intimacy, sexual violence and gender equality in a bad way.
By Anthony Chibarirwe, from April 11, 2016 in Analysis »
Let the numbers and law enforcement officers speak for themselves.
By Callum Wood, from April 8, 2016 in Analysis »
Is America fostering Revolution 2.0?
From April 8, 2016 in News »
Nearly 20 percent of those ‘non-violent’ prisoners were charged with firearms offenses.
By Stephen Flurry, from April 5, 2016 in Analysis »
The president’s expeditious use of his power to grant pardons and commutations is undermining America’s justice system and promoting violent crime.