More Trade

By Stephen Flurry, from December 8, 2016 in Analysis »
Riding a populist wave, Donald Trump vows to use America’s power to bring jobs back to the United States. Where is this leading?
By Richard Palmer, from January 3, 2017 in Featured »
Even before Fidel Castro died, European business have been rushing in to Cuba.
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Where the largest population in the world has set its sights
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It is the foundation of world order. What happens if it crumbles?
By Robert Morley, from September 7, 2016 in Analysis »
‘If goods don’t cross borders, armies will.’
How China is trying to remake the world
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The giant panda is eating kiwi for lunch—and nobody seems to be bothered.
By Callum Wood, from September 18, 2016 in Featured »
Consolidating power in the Panama Canal
By Andrew Miiller, from June 10, 2016 in News »
While the Bilderberg Group may not be the world shadow government of conspiracy theorist lore, it is still one of the most influential groups in the world.
Satellite imagery shows China taking over the South China Sea, as it is with other trade routes globally. Both history and biblical prophecy show why this is extremely dangerous.