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By Kieren Underwood, from November 26, 2015 in News »
Global confidence in the Chinese currency continues to rise.
By Robert Morley, from September 17, 2015 in Analysis »
Economists predict global economic crisis if it does—and possibly an even bigger crisis if it doesn’t.
Echoes of 1934 are thundering with increasing intensity. 
The stock market is melting down—and the experts say it will be fine. Are they right? 
By Robert Morley, from August 21, 2015 in Analysis »
Echoes of 1934 are thundering with increasing intensity.
By Robert Morley, from July 6, 2015 in Analysis »
The ‘recovery’ was built on confidence in central banks. But was that trust misplaced?
The world is entering a new economic era—one that won’t be defined by America. 
By Robert Morley, from April 21, 2015 in Economy »
China’s much anticipated international payment system is set to launch. It could be a big blow to the dollar—and America’s ability to police the world.