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China is taking over the world’s largest dairy exporter one farm at a time.
By Christopher Eames, from July 18, 2016 in Analysis »
The giant panda is eating kiwi for lunch—and nobody seems to be bothered.
By Richard Palmer, from July 13, 2016 in Analysis »
Germany’s most important bank and Italy’s entire banking system seem on the brink of total meltdown.
By Josué Michels, from June 29, 2016 in News »
Latin America’s political shifts are opening doors for Germany’s economy.
Venezuela is becoming a failed state. What will it be after it falls? 
By Richard Palmer, from June 26, 2016 in Analysis »
Germany and China form a ‘new alliance’ to work together abroad.
By Callum Wood, from June 23, 2016 in Analysis »
Consolidating power in the Panama Canal
By Andrew Miiller, from June 10, 2016 in News »
While the Bilderberg Group may not be the world shadow government of conspiracy theorist lore, it is still one of the most influential groups in the world.
By Gerald Flurry, from June 4, 2016 in Top Stories 2 »
The financial crisis in Greece is a small example of what will happen in America and Britain.