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By Gerald Flurry, from October 8, 2016 in Top Stories 2 »
These books of the Bible contain prophetic history, yet few study them and even fewer understand their significance for today.
Many believe this bastion of secularism will never again embrace religion. History shows otherwise.
Why do we run when none pursues us? Because terrorism works. 
By Kieren Underwood, from September 27, 2016 in News »
‘This is quite amazing for us. In 2,000 years, this text has not changed.’
By Gerald Flurry, from September 24, 2016 in Top Stories 2 »
Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.
By Andrew Miiller, from September 23, 2016 in Top Stories 1 »
Military personnel need sound counsel more than ever, but the Obama administration is making it illegal for Christian chaplains to give Bible-based advice.
By Gerald Flurry, from September 17, 2016 in Top Stories 2 »
Jesus Christ said that He would send a man in the end time to prepare the way for His Second Coming. This man has already come and gone. Do you know who he was?