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By Richard Palmer, from November 29, 2013 in Top Stories 1 »
A 200-year-old pillar of America’s foreign policy is gone. Should we rejoice?
By Jeremiah Jacques, from June 11, 2016 in Featured »
Bisecting the isthmus of Panama was a task of staggering proportions that had eluded world powers for centuries. Why was the U.S. able to succeed where others failed?
By Andrew Miiller, from December 26, 2012 in Top Stories 1 »
U.S. leadership has largely ignored Latin America while Europe and China have made inroads. Such negligence may prove to be a great strategic blunder.
By Ron Fraser, from January 14, 2008 in Analysis »
Was America’s decision to invade Iraq that nation’s worst-ever foreign-policy blunder, or was it just the consequence of a far greater error of judgment?
From January 18, 2007 in Analysis »
Once the United States begins regularly receiving containers from the Far East by way of Mexico, America will become beholden to its southern neighbor—and China.
Building the Panama Canal was one of the greatest chapters in American history. It helps to reveal how America became a superpower, if we understand the complete history. Today we see an almost totally different spirit in our leaders. The meaning behind that change contains the strongest warning ever for America!
How a ten-mile strip of land brought life to a new nation.
The greatest strategic blow is about to be struck against the United States. It will contribute to the breakdown of the U.S. economy and massively degrade its defense capability—and it is happening without a single shot being fired!