More Russia

By Jeremiah Jacques, from November 17, 2015 in Analysis »
In the last 14 months of President Obama’s term, we could see more and larger pushes from Russia and China against global stability.
By Richard Palmer, from October 12, 2015 in Analysis »
The world is becoming a more dangerous place, and the blame largely rests with America.
How President Obama’s redline debacle gave way to Putin’s adventurism in the Middle East. 
By Gerald Flurry, from September 20, 2015 in From the Editor »
God foretold America’s startling reluctance to use its power for good in this end time. As a result, Gentile powers will launch this world into the war that will end all wars.
Experts are seeing a new Europe forming—a Europe Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied decades ago. 
By Brad Macdonald, from August 28, 2015 in Analysis »
Nations are beginning to look inward. What will be the end result?