More Terrorism

By Kieren Underwood, from October 11, 2016 in News »
You can’t wait five years when you are fighting a war.
By Gerald Flurry, from October 1, 2016 in Top Stories 2 »
America has never been so cursed. But there is one way to reverse the curse and make America great again.
Why do we run when none pursues us? Because terrorism works. 
A coalition might destroy the Islamic State, but can it destroy the state of being radically Islamic?
By Jeremiah Jacques, from August 31, 2016 in Analysis »
Why do we run when none pursue us? Because terrorism works.
By Josué Michels, from August 19, 2016 in Analysis »
Striking Bavaria means striking the Catholic heart of a sleeping lion.
By Josué Michels, from August 10, 2016 in News »
A new white paper for the German Army and a new interpretation of the Basic Law
By Richard Palmer, from August 1, 2016 in Analysis »
Hollande: ‘Never since World War II have democracies been so threatened.’
By Richard Palmer, from July 28, 2016 in Analysis »
A series of high-profile attacks leave Germans wondering what is happening to their country, while their leaders insist everything is normal.