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On today's TRL:
- NFL protests grip attention in the U.S.
- German election rocks politics
- A look at a much better world coming

On this weekend's TRL:
- Teens more boring today?
- Iran deal looking worse and worse
- NFL ratings down
- Re-educating the world

On today's TRL:
- Natural disasters continue
- UN failure on dsiplay
- New world government is coming

On today's TRL:
- George Washington gave warned the U.S. in his farewell address
- Human nature is the cause of today's problems. What is it?

On today's TRL:
- NFL and Emmy's turn more political
- Protests in St. Louis
- Where is the world heading?

On this weekend's TRL:
- Another UK terror attack
- Dietary study
- Battle of Britain
- Most dangerous lie in history

On today's TRL:
- Counting up the cost of Hurricane Irma
- Powerful Trumpet article of gender
- The deadly deal the U.S. made with Cuba

On today's TRL:
What happens to the U.S. if we lose the rule of law?

On today's TRL:
- Hurricane Irma aftermath
- Remembering Sept. 11
- Can America be great again?

On this weekend's TRL:
- Hurricane Irma to come ashore
- Massive data hack
- Is the media responsible in part for the division in the U.S.?
- And more!