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On today's TRL:
- A new theory says math favors a certain race
- Have you noticed China's incredible growth?
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Oklahoma schools getting rid of Confederate names
- The United Nations began on this day; how has it done?
- Russia is very active

On today's TRL:
- San Juan has a crime problem
- The U.S. is more polarized than ever
- Science looks at fasting
- China wants to challenge the West

On this weekend's TRL:
- Puerto Rico still in shambles
- Pollution kills 1 in 9
- How the Louisiana Purchase helped the U.S. become great

On today's TRL:
- Debt on the rise among the young
- Texting is easier but face-to-face gets results
- Hate the movie-maker but love the movies?




On today's TRL:
- NBA starts with politics
- Wildfires in California
- And more!

On TRL this weekend:
- Can't judge a book by the cover
- Attack on American's in Cuba
- Has the U.S. economy recovered from the Great Recession?
- How far has society fallen?

On today's TRL:
- Why don't networks show the angry NFL fans?
- Tips to be healthier and happier.
- Are We In the Last Days?

On today's TRL:
- Turkey in the news
- How about being thankful instead of protesting?
- The awesome plan that explains today's mixed-up world

On today's TRL:
- Hurricane destruction
- NFL controversy continues
- Language and economy of the future