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On today's TRL:
- Defectors from North Korea reveal the fallout for nuclear tests
- Why is the donkey and elephant used in politics?
- Who will Saudi Arabia align with?

On today's TRL:
- Saudi Arabia heating up
- Another mass shooting in the U.S.
- Historical note on President Lincoln

On this weekend's TRL:
- Less police and more violence in Baltimore
- Marijuana farming hurting the land?
- U.S. debt
- John Adams
- Lawless U.S.

On today's TRL:
- NFL sponsors say protests hurting business
- What does the Bible say about raising boys?
- Why is America so lawless today and where is it leading?

On today' TRL:
- Terror attack in NYC
- Americans are worried about a lot of things
- Character in Crisis--the breakdown of law

On today's TRL:
- College campuses see rise in paganism
- Mount Rushmore finished on this day in history--some now want it gone
- Character in Crisis: the destruction of private morality and the family

On today's TRL:
- First charges in the Russian collusion probe
- Savings down and debt is up
- History of the largest Nuke test to date
- The two pillars of American society are crumbling

On this weekend's TRL:
- Former NFL player has solution for protests
- Catalonia independence
- End of Cuban Missile Crisis
- Japan heading towards the Asian power bloc

On today's TRL:
- Hollywood troubles grow
- Depression will kill you
- Churchill's second go as Prime Minister
- India on the rise

On today's TRL:
- A new theory says math favors a certain race
- Have you noticed China's incredible growth?
- And more!