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Hosted by Dwight Falk and Grant Turgeon, Trumpet Radio Live seeks to answer life’s most important questions by delving into Philadelphia Church of God literature. Tune in each day at 10 a.m. CST to listen in live. Don’t miss out on making Trumpet Radio Live a part of your daily discussion.

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On today's TRL:
- The Bible is proven right again
- College debt in the United States
- Can you prove the authority of the Bible?
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- A few famous chefs on Thanksgiving
- What are people thankful for?
- Thankfulness by state
- Some Thanksgiving history
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Housing market after hurricanes
- Thanksgiving history
- Proving God's nature
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Charlie Manson is dead. Did he go to hell?
- German coalition talks fail
- Middle East peace happened for a moment
- Destruction of the family

On this weekend's TRL:
- Some important health reports
- Baltimore residents are afraid
- Who is behind the conspiracy against fatherhood?
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- A report says hatred in U.S. on the rise. But from where?
- More pills
- Vietnam in history
- Evolution or creation?

On today's TRL:
- Headlines
- Guess who is Citizen of the Year
- Suicide rises among teens while social media usage rises also
- Evolution destroys fatherhood and family

On today's TRL:
- Guns at church
- Youtube is worth how much?
- Toxic fatherhood?

On this weekend's TRL:

- Pollution in India

- More Hollywood fallout

- Iran's pushy foreign policy