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Hosted by Dwight Falk and Grant Turgeon, Trumpet Radio Live seeks to answer life’s most important questions by delving into Philadelphia Church of God literature. Tune in each day at 10 a.m. CST to listen in live. Don’t miss out on making Trumpet Radio Live a part of your daily discussion.

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On today's TRL:
- More people working in the US
- Trade wars
- A phone scam to be aware of
- Cat travels how and how far?
- A look at manners

On today's TRL:
- The CIA hacking report
- Best countries in the world are...
- March Madness—where do the players go?
- Amazing new technology

On today's TRL:
- Europe is changing its mind about immigration
- The suburbs are dying in the US
- Would you want to know how you'll die?
- NOAA found amazing things on deep-sea dive

On this weekend's TRL:
- Chicago violence
- Famine threat in Somalia
- Cost of flying Air Force One
- Foods not to eat on empty stomach
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Oklahoma quake danger
- Drive a tank on vacation
- History of Iran's navy
- A new way to see the universe
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Deadly weather
- Kevin Durant injures his knee
- The connection between emotions and health
- President Trump's speech

On today's TRL:
- Top 5 tornado myths
- Best US airlines
- What is technology doing to our brains?
- And more

On today's TRL:
- An odd Oscars
- Iran conducts navy drills in strategic waters
- And more!