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On today’s TRL:- Rio a mess after Olympics- Artifacts found in Jerusalem- Who is protecting UK kids from terrorism?- What does Star Wars teach kids about empire?

On today’s TRL:- UK on high alert- Phone deal you may want- Good news for your heart health- And more!

On today’s TRL:- Terror attack strikes Manchester Arena- Instagram harmful to mental health- Is President Trump overestimating Palestinians’ desire for peace?

On today’s TRL:- Millions displaced in 2016- American cities are running out of room- New colors- President Trump visits the Middle East

On this weekend’s TRL:- Survey of the media’s Trump coverage- Technology changing criminal justice system- Facebook around the world- Does North Korea have a point?

On today’s TRL:- Fox News founder dies- Are people getting numb to news?- California “Free Loaders”- How is the media treating President Trump?

On today’s TRL:- The border wall debate- Caffeine drinks kill teen- Protests become more extreme- Writer compares President to King Henry VIII- And more!

On today’s TRL:- Russia to play peace-maker with North Korea?- Computer hacking the world- A Mother’s Day note- The complexity of German history

On this weekend’s TRL:- Sharks off California coast- Student loans to get more expensive- Media upset about a double scoop of ice cream- Strange sea creature washes ashore- Germany army

On today’s TRL:- FBI Director fired- Man attempts to illegally climb Mt. Everest- People are pretending pets are kids- Rare earth minerals and national security- Threat of a dirty bomb