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Trumpet Radio Live is your daily dose of all things KPCG. Hosted by Dwight Falk and Grant Turgeon, with frequent appearances by Abraham Blondeau, this program seeks to have a daily conversation on world events that will inform you, pique your interest, and even make you laugh. Tune in each day at 10 a.m. CST to listen in live. Don’t miss out on making Trumpet Radio Live a part of your daily discussion.

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On today's TRL:
- Many American's can't afford their home
- The pension problem
- How dangerous are motorcycles?
- What happens when institutions turn left?

On today's TRL:
- Guess who's buying American homes
- Robot has a problem
- Manufacturing hate for made in America
- The Bleak future of the Royal Marines
- A warning about toys
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Breaking up is now a business
- Europe's immigration crisis
- Communism being viewed incorrectly
- Much more!

On this weekend's TRL:
- U.S. spent how much!
- A frog you can see inside of from the outside
- Freedom of religion or hate groups?
- What Bastille Day can show us about America
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Most valuable sports teams
- Household chemicals that cause problems
- More drugs—big money!
- The helicopter parent

On today's TRL:
- Basketball player makes how much per game?
- Fires in California
- The children of ISIS; can they be retrained?
- Horrific remains of Aztec culture found

On this weekend's TRL:
- A look at the headlines
- The government has a nuke preparation kit recommendation
- An amazing story about an Oklahoma police officer
- Much more!

On today's TRL:
- Austria beefs up border
- Study finds Millennials not ready for reality
- CNN goes after Reddit user behind Trump GIF
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- Happiest and least happy nations on earth
- Therapy animals—do they help?
- Identifying problem with terrorism
- Chocolate good for your brain?
- Lessons of Gettysburg

On this weekend edition of TRL:
- Headlines
- A new wrestling bad guy sure to make people upset
- How should we measure intelligence?
- AI taking over?