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On this weekend's TRL:
- Some important health reports
- Baltimore residents are afraid
- Who is behind the conspiracy against fatherhood?
- And more!

On today's TRL:
- A report says hatred in U.S. on the rise. But from where?
- More pills
- Vietnam in history
- Evolution or creation?

On today's TRL:
- Headlines
- Guess who is Citizen of the Year
- Suicide rises among teens while social media usage rises also
- Evolution destroys fatherhood and family

On today's TRL:
- Guns at church
- Youtube is worth how much?
- Toxic fatherhood?

On this weekend's TRL:

- Pollution in India

- More Hollywood fallout

- Iran's pushy foreign policy

On today's TRL:
- Record cold on the way
- What do smartphones do to the human mind?
- Iran's nuclear ambitions are worse than North Korea's

On today's TRL:
- Ball brother in trouble in China
- Some going back to "dumb phones"
- Toxic Masculinity?
- Iran dominates the Middle East

On today's TRL:
- Defectors from North Korea reveal the fallout for nuclear tests
- Why is the donkey and elephant used in politics?
- Who will Saudi Arabia align with?

On today's TRL:
- Saudi Arabia heating up
- Another mass shooting in the U.S.
- Historical note on President Lincoln

On this weekend's TRL:
- Less police and more violence in Baltimore
- Marijuana farming hurting the land?
- U.S. debt
- John Adams
- Lawless U.S.