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The Trumpet Daily Radio Show proves the Bible’s relevancy to your life.  Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry hosts a show covering wide-ranging topics with an emphasis on world news.

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Events over the past few days provide further proof that we are not living in God’s world. In Tunisia, Saif Al-Deen Al Rezgui opened fire on beachgoers in the city of Sousse. He killed at least 38 people, 30 of which are believed to be British citizens, marking the worst attack on the British peoples since the 2005 bombings in London. In Kobani, Islamic State militants killed more than 200 civilians—including many women and children. Last week in Nigeria, two girls blew themselves up near a crowded mosque. About 30 people died in the attacks.Recent attacks have put Western countries on high alert. And though many are scared, there are still people streaming into Syria to join the Islamic State. Why are all of these terrible things happening? What is the ultimate outcome? Listen to today’s show to hear what Bible prophecy has to say about the world’s condition leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

America’s status as the world’s lone superpower is rapidly fading and other nations are now vying to fill the void. Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine and is now threatening to upgrade Russia’s nuclear arsenal. China has declared a cyber war against the United States. It has established a new international investment bank to challenge America’s economic supremacy. And it is also in the midst of a massive military buildup. Some Russian and Chinese media voices are now saying that war between the United States and China is not only possible—it’s inevitable!Russia and China are rising fast on the world scene. Bible prophecy has a lot to say about the identity of these nations. Understanding the history and prophecy of these world powers is critical. On today’s program, presenter Stephen Flurry examines the latest headlines about Russia and China, and then digs into Bible prophecy to explain where it’s all leading.

Did you know that Christ never tried to reform or save this world when He came to Earth? Many people think that He did. Most even look at this world—as evil and as dangerous as it is—and assume that the world is getting better. They believe the world is evolving into something more pure and righteous with each passing day—an idea that has no basis in reality.During the very last year of his long and productive life, Herbert W. Armstrong completed work on the most important project of his life—Mystery of the Ages, which serves as a magnificent summary of his 55-year ministry. One reason he wrote the book was so that Ambassador College might have a textbook for its second-year Bible class.The other reason, as he explains in the “Author’s Statement” of Mystery of the Ages, had to do with a deeper understanding God had given him about mankind’s first parents in Genesis 2 and 3—that this world is cut off from God and His truth.Today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show studies this mind boggling truth Herbert Armstrong made plain in Mystery of the Ages, which explains why the world is the way it is, how it came to this point, and where it is going.

Yesterday in Jerusalem, a Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli policeman multiple times, before the police officer then pulled his gun and shot the assailant. Both the policeman and the terrorist were seriously injured. Jerusalem’s police chief, Chico Edry, told reporters that “In any incident in which police officers or civilians are attacked, the terrorist should be killed at the scene and the incident ended as quickly as possible.”In today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, presenter Stephen Flurry examines the latest shooting incident in Israel, looks at America’s disastrous immigration management, and analyzes the rise of a European super power.

Another mass shooting in America, talks of race war, and the liberal media stoking the fire: where is it all leading?Nine Americans inside a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina were gunned down on Wednesday. Police apprehended the shooter—a young, mentally disturbed white man, who according to a friend, wanted to start a race war. The attack comes during a time of heightened racial tension in the United States.Today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show looks at this latest shooting in South Carolina, examines news articles that further inflame the situation, and uses the Bible to explain where it is all leading. Today’s program also examines America’s vulnerability to cyber attacks and why people should be more alarmed by them.