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At last Saturday night’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton, speaking in the context of the Paris attacks, said that “it’s very hard to understand” what motivates jihadists. Many Western leaders hold the same view. They choose to ignore the cause—even though the terrorists themselves tell us all the time. Why is the West willfully blind to the Islamic component of these appalling acts of terrorism? Find out on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show. Also on today’s show, Stephen Flurry discusses the importance of paying attention when it comes to learning.

The reaction of French politicians after last week’s attack compared to the earlier Charlie Hebdo incident is startling. “November is not January,” the New York Times noted yesterday. Beyond France, Europeans are upset and worried by the prospect of terrorists streaming into the Continent thanks to the European Union’s lax border controls. The mood in Europe is changing, reality is setting in, and this time around, things are different. Tune in to the latest Trumpet Daily Radio Show for more analysis on Europe’s response to these mounting crises.

Friday night’s terrorist attack in Paris was the worst violence the city has experienced since World War II. French President Francois Hollande called the attacks an “act of war” and has already begun to increase airstrikes on the Islamic State. The question everyone is asking now is: How will Europe respond? Europe’s liberal leaning leaders have been adamant about keeping borders open and taking care of refugees. However, numerous far-right parties are gaining popularity, as well as support from the average European, as many begin to see the threats now facing the Continent as a result of the migrant crisis. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry discusses how these crises will lead to a strong, united Europe that will soon combat radical Islam.

A new discovery in the Golan Heights bears a resemblance to Britain’s Stonehenge. Could there be a connection between the ancient peoples of the Middle East and the modern nation of Britain? Also on today’s program, Stephen Flurry discusses America’s lying culture and the recent knife attacks in Israel—carried out by Palestinian children.

Edstone has been the home of the Philadelphia Church of God regional office in the United Kingdom for one year now. Stephen Flurry discusses the progress made thus far, and reminds listeners about the vision of Edstone.Also on today’s show, how America’s liberally raised young people are turning against the very system that brought them up, and why Germany needs to begin boosting its foreign policy in order to protect itself.

On today’s show, host Stephen Flurry explains how modern education has created a rebellious and ungrateful generation; he looks at America’s softening relations with Cuba and why this should be alarming to Americans; and he digs into Germany’s post-World War II history and reveals how the nation failed to denazify itself.

University of Missouri System president Tim Wolfe was run out of office this week by a group of upset students, activists and members of the college’s football team. The campus has been plagued with protests for weeks, sparked by what some viewed as racial insensitivity on the part of Wolfe. Activists used intimidation tactics, wrote a list of demands, and trumped up non-issues to motivate people to join their demonstration. The movement has been viewed by many as a showcase of what colleges should be like across the United States. One activist told the Associated Press that the uprising “planted the seeds that students can challenge things.” How dangerous are these sorts of movements to the stability of America? And why are young people today acting with such resentment toward authority? Find out on today’s episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

Demonstrations turned violent in Berlin this weekend, as anti-immigration protestors took to the streets to protest Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy. Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg said the migrant crisis is “the most serious challenge to Europe since the fall of communism more than 20 years ago.” As Europe continues to struggle through crisis after crisis, more people are beginning to look for a leader who will be strong and decisive, and most importantly, have the interests of Europe at heart. Also on today’s program, host Stephen Flurry examines a recent study that claims the American dream is dead. Unlike in years past, when America was able to bounce back from low points, the latest trends show an America that is weakening beyond the point of no return. How can you personally avoid falling into the pitfalls of America’s declining society? Find out what the Bible has to say about this, and more, on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg participated in a panel discussion this week in California. He commented about Europe’s failing political system and the need for long-term solutions to Europe’s crises. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry digs into some of KT’s statements and gives further analysis on the future of Germany’s leadership.Also on today’s show: Britain’s military drawdown has been so severe that it now lacks the resources to engage in one major conflict—even if it wanted to. And how will the crisis rocking the Vatican impact the Catholic Church and the European Union?

The give way of life is summed up in the Eighth Commandment. This sacred law reinforces the obligation and duty we have to protect God’s property and possessions—as well as those of our neighbor. The implied positive aspect of this command sums up God’s way of life—the way of give. Obedience to the Eighth Commandment guarantees a life of fruitful productivity—a life that is useful in God’s service. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry reveals the depth of these four powerful words: “thou shalt not steal.”