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The Trumpet Daily Radio Show proves the Bible’s relevancy to your life.  Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry hosts a show covering wide-ranging topics with an emphasis on world news.

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On today’s show I talk about lessons from General Grant that we can apply in our spiritual battle!

On today’s show, I take a look back at the Munich surrender, the lessons we can learn from it, and how it applies to our time today.

God’s Church will celebrate our part in the plan of God over the next few weeks – and world news stories prove just how important that is!

On today’s program, violent protests in East Germany bring the migrant crisis back to center stage and will possibly push Angela Merkel to the brink, the Catholic Church sex scandal reaches the Vatican, and China may have stolen thousands of e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Many young people in the United States today would probably argue that America was never great. But history and the Bible give a different answer.

The pope, he said, did nothing. On today’s show, I talk about the recent sex-abuse scandals that are rocking the Catholic Church, as well as other stories like the deterioration of the U.S.-German alliance, U.S. President Donald Trump’s battle against the media, and more on the situation in South Africa.

South Africa is in a state of turmoil. To really grasp the issue, we have to examine the history of South Africa—even before it was colonized.