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By Joel Hilliker, from October 9, 2015 in Analysis »
Americans are clearly frustrated. But what are the chances the winner of the next presidential election will actually be able to solve America’s problems?
How the Trumpet knew its alliance with Iran would fail
Family requires sacrifice. Just ask the God who gave everything for family.
Echoes of 1934 are thundering with increasing intensity. 
By Brad Macdonald, from September 26, 2015 in Analysis »
This is about something that goes far beyond the man.
By Robert Morley, from September 17, 2015 in Analysis »
Economists predict global economic crisis if it does—and possibly an even bigger crisis if it doesn’t.
By Joel Hilliker, from September 17, 2015 in Analysis »
Bold public declarations of ‘pansexuality’? Pop culture is hitting new lows.
By Joel Hilliker, from September 9, 2015 in Analysis »
Queen Elizabeth II is making history. You need to know why.