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By Stephen Flurry, from February 3, 2017 in Analysis »
‘I can fix it.’
Recent developments in genetic modification raise remarkable possibilities—and serious ethical problems. 
By Joel Hilliker, from March 2, 2016 in Analysis »
Liberals in academia and in the judiciary have long fought legal battles to undermine the Constitution. Black activists are threatening to join the fight, but with real bullets.
Are you listening to it? What is it teaching you?
By Joel Hilliker, from November 30, 2015 in Analysis »
College students are rising up to protest systemic hatred and racism. Are they solving problems or creating them?
By Robert Morley, from July 21, 2016 in Featured »
What happened in Missouri is only the beginning.
Parents are relieved when they get their child through high school and into college. But is campus living safe? 
By Joel Hilliker, from October 28, 2015 in Analysis »
They’re using the same arguments that successfully convinced society to embrace homosexuality.
By Kieren Underwood, from October 16, 2015 in Society »
What happens when local and federal agencies can’t agree?