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One quick screen grab from BBC News tells you everything you need to know about our decadent society.
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Police call in the federal government to help prevent the city from turning into a war zone.
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It’s not easy—but it’s what God expects of His children.
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The recent controversy swirling around Planned Parenthood reveals some disturbing truth about America today.
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The hunt is on for Cecil the Lion’s cold-blooded killer. With all the outrageous things going on, this is what outrages people?
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Are black students more likely to be disciplined because teachers are racists? Or is there a more likely reason?
By Robert Morley, from July 22, 2015 in Analysis »
The White House is launching an unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans. How will the data be used?
Living in the shadow of one of the world’s most threatening volcanoes
Traditional religion is giving way to secularism. How are shifting religious fault lines reshaping the country? 
By Gerald Flurry, from July 9, 2015 in Featured »
The people of Charleston, South Carolina, showed the world the only way to have peace among the races.