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An impending war in Libya may draw the North African nation into its last war as a nation.
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Getting rid of paper money may help fight terrorism and even help prop up the banks—but is there a more sinister reason for these new financial controls?
America’s infrastructure and military have a catastrophic vulnerability—well known for dec-ades, yet not dealt with.
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The solution for Israelis: ‘Keep calm and carry on’?
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How a Civil War general discovered the key to healing America
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Planned Parenthood cheers for Houston’s indictment of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.
Barack Obama claims he has an ‘uncompromising commitment’ to Israel. But does he?
Muslim migrants are flooding Germany with problems. German leaders want to cover it up; German citizens want different leaders
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Comparing the Oregon standoff with the Black Lives Matter movement shows how divided America has become on the issue of federal law enforcement.