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By Richard Palmer, from January 31, 2017 in Analysis »
The new U.S. president directly threatens Europe and Germany. How will the Continent react?
By Brad Macdonald, from January 30, 2017 in Analysis »
America’s most radical president has moved on, but the fruits of his leadership will be with us for a long, long time.
Don’t fritter your most valuable asset on nonsense.
By Brad Macdonald, from January 27, 2017 in Analysis »
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg might be just the man to lead Germany and Europe in the Donald Trump era.
By Stephen Flurry, from January 27, 2017 in Analysis »
Donald Trump and Theresa May want to revive the closeness their countries had during the 1980s. But will a “special relationship” halt the decline of these once-great nations?
By Gerald Flurry, from January 26, 2017 in Analysis »
Russia’s president is a dangerous man. Should U.S. President Trump form an alliance with him?
By Callum Wood, from January 25, 2017 in Analysis »
An unshackled Netanyahu is now free to act without worry of U.S. retribution.
How can you undo democracy? Undo the education of the voters.