Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Vol. 2
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Table of Contents

Chapter 40 First Vision of Worldwide Work
Chapter 41 Impact on Pacific Northwest
Chapter 42 On the Air in Los Angeles!
Chapter 43 Impact of Daily Radio!
Chapter 44 Work Leaps Ahead—World Tomorrow Heard Nationwide
Chapter 45 More Opposition—More Growth!
Chapter 46 A Talk to San Antonio Businessmen
Chapter 47 Severe Financial Crisis
Chapter 48 Historic San Francisco Conference—The United Nations Is Born
Chapter 49 World War II Ends—Atomic Age Begins!
Chapter 50 A Momentous Year
Chapter 51 Planning a New-Type College—in U.S. and Europe!
Chapter 52 Our First Trip Abroad
Chapter 53 Impressions of Switzerland and France
Chapter 54 Mid-Atlantic Hurricane!
Chapter 55 Strategy to Gain Possession—Birth Pangs of the College
Chapter 56 A Supreme Crisis!—Now Forced to “Fold Up”?
Chapter 57 Surviving the First Year of Ambassador College
Chapter 58 Ambassador Begins To Grow!
Chapter 59 First “Fruits” of Right Education
Chapter 60 A Giant Leap to Europe!
Chapter 61 Our First Experience with Television
Chapter 62 The Crossroads—TV or Radio?
Chapter 63 First Evangelistic Campaign in British Isles
Chapter 64 First Middle-East Tour
Chapter 65 The Holy Land—Part II by Loma D. Armstrong (Written February, 1965)
Chapter 66 At Last!—Jerusalem
Chapter 67 Touring Europe by Car
Chapter 68 Purchasing Ambassador Hall
Chapter 69 Ambassador College Expands
Chapter 70 Tragedy Strikes Richard D. Armstrong
Chapter 71 25th Anniversary
Chapter 72 Providential Acquisition of English Campus