The Lion Has Roared
Christ is getting ready to return to Earth. But how bad will events become before He arrives? The most powerful part of biblical Israel is compared to a sheep that has been attacked-and only two legs and a piece of an ear remain! Only one tenth of these nations’ inhabitants will survive. There is no stronger prophetic message in the Bible. Of the one who delivers it, Amos says, “The land is not able to bear all his words.” This is a prophecy for now. God must supernaturally protect His very elect from what is coming. Thankfully, all of these horrifying events lead to the return of Jesus Christ to rule this world forever!
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 “The End Is Come”
Chapter 2 Adonai—Our Head Who Blesses
Chapter 3 Christ Personally Appears!
Chapter 4 Famine of the Word
Chapter 5 Amos: Wealthy Rancher, Poet, Historian and Prophet

Available Translations

Español El león ha rugido
Italiano Il leone ha ruggito
Nederlands De leeuw heeft gebruld
English The Lion Has Roared
Norsk Løven har brølt
Suomi Leijona ärjyy