The Former Prophets: How to Become a King
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The History That Is Prophecy
Chapter 2 Joshua: Conquering the Promised Land
Achor: The Valley of Causing Sorrow
Chapter 3 Judges: The Bible’s Bloodiest Book
Chapter 4 Hannah: The Origin of Samuel’s Colleges
Chapter 5 Samuel: Institutionalizing the God Family Vision 
Shiloh: A Mysterious Message
Chapter 6 David: A King After God’s Own Heart
Chapter 7 Zadok: The Loyal Warrior-Priest
Why ‘Sons of Zadok’?
Chapter 8 Solomon: The Temple Builder
Chapter 9 Israel: The Way of Jeroboam
Chapter 10 Elijah: God’s Family Government
Chapter 11 Elisha: Carrying the Mantle of Elijah
Chapter 12 David’s Throne: The Lamp in a Dark World
‘A Law of History’