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Air Date: October 23, 2016
The Bible is a mystery to most people—even religion doesn’t truly understand it! Here is how to remove the mystery from the Bible.   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: October 16, 2016
Only one church leader in this end time met with more than 300 world leaders—upon their invitation. Learn why this man visited so many heads of state.   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: October 9, 2016
These books of the Bible contain prophetic history, yet few study them and even fewer understand their significance for today.   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: October 2, 2016
America has never been so cursed. But there is one way to reverse the curse and make America great again.   Watch »
Air Date: September 25, 2016
Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: September 18, 2016
Jesus Christ said that He would send a man in the end time to prepare the way for His Second Coming. This man has already come and gone. Do you know who he was?   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: September 11, 2016
Iran is focused on America and the Jewish nation of Israel, unaware that a rising German-led superpower already has it surrounded.   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: September 4, 2016
A British newspaper has exposed a secret plot to consolidate European power under a political dictator. Is this the reemergence of the Holy Roman Empire?   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: August 28, 2016
Revelation 10 discusses two end-time messages. The first is the most important book since the Bible. The second describes how God’s people rejected that book.   Transcript · Watch »
Air Date: August 21, 2016
The book of Zechariah pinpoints two leaders God uses in this end time. To receive God’s precious golden oil and truth, you need to understand who these men are.   Transcript · Watch »