Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2007  •  Volume 18, No. 7
  • World
    Twilight for Britannia
  • Commentary
    The United States of America: A Special Place
    Understanding America’s profound heritage
  • World
    The Fishing Village That Met the 21st Century
    China’s economy is growing explosively. Here is one town’s story.
  • Society
    How Political Correctness Protects the Bad Guys
  • World
    Russia: Triggering Europe to Unite
    Moscow’s growing power and influence alarms Europe. How will the Continent respond?
  • Israel’s Last Stand
    In full-scale retreat mode since the Oslo accords in 1993, Israel now finds itself with little else to give away—except half of Jerusalem.
  • From the Editor
    Iraqi WMD: A Deadly Cover-Up?
  • Living
    How to Be Rich
    If a 15 percent raise is all you need, consider this.
  • Religion
    The Agenda (Part 10)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, now available in bookstores, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the tenth chapter.
  • Living
    Taking Time to Save Our Teens
    Young people today face some daunting challenges. Here is how we can help them through.