Philadelphia Trumpet  •  January 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 1
  • Cover Story
    Facing the Dragon
    Through decades of inscrutable Oriental diplomacy, China has succeeded in robbing Taiwan of all its former powerful friends. Across the Taiwan Strait, an old ally of the West now feels the hot breath of the Chinese dragon in its face.
  • China’s War on Obsolescence
    Zemin pushes for military modernization, as his ancient nation catches up with the new warfare.
  • Articles
    Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman (Part 3)
    There has probably never been a greater political watchman than Winston Churchill. Still, the Western world hates the message and scorns the messenger. But the biggest tragedy is that we didn’t learn from that shameful and near-fatal disaster!
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Winston S. Churchill: The Prophet
  • Articles
    Consumer Trade Wars
    American consumers have been fleeced for the holidays and face a slowing U.S. economy with rising unemployment. When the bills come due and new spending stops, will world trade pressures explode?
  • The Trouble Behind TV!
  • Croatia Reveals the Rising Beast!
    Revelation 13 and 17 discuss a dreadful beast that is to rise in this end time. That beast is rising now, and at a very accelerated pace!